Australia – Overland Perth To Adelaide With @GreatSthnRail

We boarded the Indian Pacific train with just the necessary items packed. Our bags were considerably lighter after checking our main bags on the luggage car of the train. Today we are about to travel to Adelaide on the Indian Pacific train.

Travelling Overland From Perth To Adelaide

If you want to travel overland around Australia – but don’t want to drive extremely long distances through the outback, the Indian Pacific is your best bet. Roads between Perth and Adelaide are long and towns are widely spaced. Greyhound does not offer long distance bus services between Perth and Adelaide either, although there are some of their partner operators who do. If you’re looking for a fun and luxurious way to travel around Perth before exploring the rest of Australia, check out Hummer Limo Perth.

The best way to travel is via the Indian Pacific.

We settled into our seats and set down our luggage. The luggage racks above our heads were long and wide, and all of our stuff fit up there easily. Which was great, because we brought a lot of goodies on board that we had picked up in the Swan Valley foodie region.

I stretched my legs out, and didn’t even make contact with the seat in front of me. For some of you, this might not be a big deal. But for me, at 6 foot even, it was something to celebrate. I looked at Lauren in shock as I pulled the lever on my seat, and it suddenly fell into an almost totally horizontal position.

“This is going to be great!”


Not Your Average Train Journey

As we settled in, and played with all the dials and levers to make our seats in Red Day/Nighter class more comfortable, our car’s Host came onboard and got on the microphone. He began explaining all the bells, whistles, and features of our section of the train.

“This car has two bathrooms, and two showers. Hot showers. And over here, you can find clean towels for your use,” he explained.

Fresh towels!?! Hot showers! Now this is long distance overland travel in style!

In front of us, in the seat back in front of us, we found a Great Southern Rail magazine. In the magazine we found a variety of great articles, as well as an extensive list of tours and activities that guests could sign up for. Want to get off in Kalgoorlie and see the super pit? No worries! Just sign up at the cafe. Want to visit the famous Adelaide markets? Just sign up!

But the most exciting thing to be found in the seat back pocket was the menu for the Red service cafe. Full breakfasts for $10? Hearty dinner options for $13 …. these are the cheapest meals I have found anywhere in Australia! I already couldn’t wait for the next mornings breakfast.

Learning About Australia With Great Southern Rail

As we passed the time, playing cards, reading books, and chatting with other passengers, announcements would occasionally come over the loud speaker.

Music that is typical of the area, stories from the region, and interviews with experts regarding various features found on the journey were all part of the presentation. I learned about the lives of the last four residents of the (a place we would be visiting on the second day), the animals that could be spotted from the train, aboriginal stories, and the geological history of the Nullarbor.

An Unchanging Landscape

As the day past, we wistfully stared out the window. The landscape was red, brown, flat, and baked hard by the sun. Plants were stunted, and civilization was no where to be seen. As evening approached, the sky turned from blue, to yellow, to orange, to red. But the landscape stayed the same.

The next morning I woke early and watched the sun rise over the flat plains of the Nullarbor. As morning progressed, and slowly turned into afternoon – the landscape stayed the same. Watching the desert pass from the windows of the Indian Pacific, over the two day and two night journey to reach Adelaide, was the best way to learn just how big of a country Australia really is.

Have you taken the Indian Pacific before? Or another long distance train journey?

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22 thoughts on “Australia – Overland Perth To Adelaide With @GreatSthnRail

  1. I drove across the Nullabor, which was a hell of a long way. Home to the longest straight stretch of road in Australia, at just shy of 100km. It also claimed our rear differential, so we limped into town at the other end. Amazing place though.. really brings distance into perspective!


    1. Its amazing how you dont. I think the monotonous of the landscape just highlights the vastness of the distances in Australia – which is all part of the fun!


  2. It seems to be a very nice experience. For a person who is used to riding the subway trains, the Indian Pacific provides a fresh perspective. I do hope that I will be able to be on a trip like that soon.


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