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A Day On Lifou Island With Kids

We sailed through the night. The waters were calm as we navigated from the main island of New Caledonia over to Lifou, one of New Caledonia’s Loyalty Islands. We were still when we awoke. Because the island is small and does not have a harbour to dock at, we needed to disembark via the smallContinue reading “A Day On Lifou Island With Kids”

The Complete Guide to New Caledonia

New Caledonia is a really unique country in the Pacific ocean. It’s French culture and history marks it as extremely unique when compared to other Pacific Islands. It is also one of the most developed, and therefore, expensive, of the Pacific Islands. Want more New Caledonia travel inspiration? Check out some of our posts below.Continue reading “The Complete Guide to New Caledonia”

New Caledonia Photo Collection

New Caledonia was one of the places on Dan’s bucket list, so as soon as he was clear to travel again after recovering from a massive spine operation, we booked our tickets. We have written quite a bit about our experiences in New Caledonia, but now we want to share some of our favourite photographsContinue reading “New Caledonia Photo Collection”

The Complete Guide To Ils Des Pins, New Caledonia

Dan and I were discussing our bucket lists one day. He told me that New Caledonia was high up on his bucket list. I was a little surprised. I hadn’t even heard of New Caledonia until recently, and even then it didn’t feature high on my own list. “Why New Caledonia?” I asked. That’s whenContinue reading “The Complete Guide To Ils Des Pins, New Caledonia”

Eat! Food in New Caledonia

Pacific Islands are not generally known for their culinary achievements. (Although I think they should be, check out my Tongan and Samoan posts to learn more). But something sets New Caledonia apart. New Caledonia’s french colonial history, and strong ties with France today helps create an interesting combination of traditional French flavours with Pacific IslandContinue reading “Eat! Food in New Caledonia”

A Day Trip to Parc Riviere Bleue – New Caledonia

I love Pacific Islands – sand, sun, tropical paradises. New Caledonia has all of that, but it also has much more. New Caledonia has things you won’t find on other Pacific Islands. As one of the largest Pacific Islands, New Caledonia has a much wider range of landscapes and biomes than others. One of theContinue reading “A Day Trip to Parc Riviere Bleue – New Caledonia”

The Guide To Noumea With Children

New Caledonia is not like any other Pacific Island I have been to. Most Pacific Island’s main attraction are the endless incredibly serine beaches – which is enough to keep any traveler (of any age) happy. With New Caledonia, there are still plenty of the beautiful beaches that you come to expect from a PacificContinue reading “The Guide To Noumea With Children”

Budget Travel in New Caledonia

New Caledonia is notorious for not being a budget friendly destination. Because of this, many people decide not to visit. However, we found that, travel in New Caledonia is comparable to other very popular travel destinations, like Australia. And the cost of traveling in Australia isn’t usually a deterrent is it? With that in mindContinue reading “Budget Travel in New Caledonia”