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How to Travel Carry on Only, and Still be Instagram Ready

There seems to be two sorts of travelers out there. There are those who are minimalists, who travel with only the bare essentials in their backpack. Many of these travelers prefer to travel carry on only for the simplicity and also for the cost savings of not having to always check a bag. The otherContinue reading “How to Travel Carry on Only, and Still be Instagram Ready”

Picking out the Perfect Women’s Boots for Your Travels

When you travel a lot, you learn to appreciate the little things. One of which is the value of a comfortable pair of women’s boots. It is so disappointing when your week is ruined by footwear that gives you blisters. Well before you are due to travel, you need to go somewhere like JD WilliamsContinue reading “Picking out the Perfect Women’s Boots for Your Travels”

5 Totally Retro Travel Activities for the Modern Adventurer

Did you travel before the age of smartphones? Before facebook, or snapchat? Before you could instantly upload photos and videos, or download comprehensive maps? How did you pass your time and record your adventures and memories? If you’re like me then you probably kept a travel journal. In our modern, fast paced lives it canContinue reading “5 Totally Retro Travel Activities for the Modern Adventurer”

Whats In Our Camera Bag – The Downsized Version

We used to travel with a full DSLR kit. We wrote about that here, as well as about what lenses we traveled with. And don’t get me wrong. I loved my canon DSLR. I really, really loved it. But the truth is, it was my ex husband who was more of the avid photographer. ItContinue reading “Whats In Our Camera Bag – The Downsized Version”

Packing for Long Term Travel

Whether you are getting ready for a one week get away, or a year long expedition, deciding what to pack and what to leave behind is often the hardest part of the trip preparation. However, packing for long term travel, especially when your destinations cover a variety of climactic zones and your trip spans multiple seasons, can be particularly daunting. These are my must pack items for long term travel.

What to wear in PNG

Recently I spent two weeks cruising around Papua New Guinea with two girlfriends and Jacob. We visited six different on shore locations during our cruise, all very different from the last. While everything in my previous post – A ladies guide on what to wear cruising, still applies in this case. being in PNG doesContinue reading “What to wear in PNG”

The Updated and Ultimate Cruising Packing Guide

Cruising is one of the easiest types of vacations to pack for. Even though you need a wide range of items, there isn’t an item or weight restriction, so you can really go for your life. And since all you have to do is lug your stuff to the embarkation point and back, you canContinue reading “The Updated and Ultimate Cruising Packing Guide”

Must-Pack Accessories for Polar Travel

If you are going to the exciting trip to the Arctic or Antarctica, most likely you are wondering what to pack for such a cold-weather destination. Certainly, the priority is to load up on outerwear. However, waterproof jackets are not enough. The truth is that the key to staying warm enough in cold weather isContinue reading “Must-Pack Accessories for Polar Travel”