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The OurOyster Guide to Travel in Cambodia

Cambodia is one of my favourite countries in South East Asia. I visited this country for around 1 week in 2008, and the experiences and things I learned here have stayed with me for the rest of my life. As I sat down recently to write about my experiences in Cambodia it only renewed myContinue reading “The OurOyster Guide to Travel in Cambodia”

What to Eat in Cambodia – 5 Foods to Try

Snuggled up between Thailand and Vietnam, two powerhouses of Asian cuisine, a lot of people overlook the food of Cambodia. Cambodia shares a lot of culinary elements with it’s two main neighbours, but it has adapted them and combined them in unique ways. Many of the dishes of Cambodia are similar to those from Thailand,Continue reading “What to Eat in Cambodia – 5 Foods to Try”

10 Photos That Will Take You To Cambodia

Cambodia, a small country in South East Asia with a turbulent past. It is one of my favourite countries to visit in South East Asia. Below are my ten favourite photos from my week long trip in 2008. Our Favourite Images of Cambodia Although Cambodia is recovering from it’s tragic past, there are still plentyContinue reading “10 Photos That Will Take You To Cambodia”

Cambodia – Tips To Make The Most Of Angkor Wat

For most people, the two things that spring to mind when thinking about Cambodia are the regions tragic recent past, and the glory of the ancient site of Angkor Wat. Angkor Wat is just one of the ancient ruins in the Angkor temple complex, but it is the most famous. Images of Angkor Wat featureContinue reading “Cambodia – Tips To Make The Most Of Angkor Wat”