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Photo Essay : Worship in Vietnam

One of the things that enchants travelers to Asia is the depth and history to the culture – a culture which is so different from our own. I find there are two really great ways to get a good overview understanding of a culture; through food, and through religion. On Saturday we wrote about theContinue reading “Photo Essay : Worship in Vietnam”

Victor Hugo and the religion of Cao Dai

What does Victor Hugo and a colourful religion of non violent vegetarians in Vietnam have in common? Most people would probably assume, very little. That is, until you learn about the region of Cao Dai. Cao Dai is a peaceful religion prominent in Vietnam that preaches worship of ancestors, non violence and vegetarianism. Cao DaiContinue reading “Victor Hugo and the religion of Cao Dai”

Ramadan and Travelling to the Maldives

We found out that we were travelling to the Maldives during Ramadan, after booking our tickets. But we were not too worried. When it comes to travelling in an Islamic country during Ramadan, it is probably the easiest in the Maldives. Travelling during Ramadan Ramadan is a holy month of fasting that all adult MuslimsContinue reading “Ramadan and Travelling to the Maldives”

Churches in Tonga – A Photo Essay

I’m not a religious person. But on a Sunday morning in Tonga, church is the ultimate thing to do. In fact, it is pretty much the only thing to do. The whole country shuts down on Sunday’s and the incredible harmonies from the church can be heard throughout the villages. We spent a week inContinue reading “Churches in Tonga – A Photo Essay”

Totem Poles in Stanley Park Vancouver

Stanley park is an absolute must visit attraction in Vancouver. After the aquarium, our favorite place in Stanley Park were the totem poles. The totem poles are from all over British Columbia and represent the many different tribes whose culture enriches this province. Photo details: Camera : Canon 550D Lens: Tamron 18 – 200mm ISO:Continue reading “Totem Poles in Stanley Park Vancouver”

A Guide To The Rock Hewn Monasteries Of Ruse

Are you Buddhist? I thought that was a strange question to ask, but replied that I wasn’t. Satisfied with my answer, the monk then proceeded to anoint my forehead with oil and say a quick blessing to give me luck in the new year. Apparently all religions except Buddhists are allowed to receive this blessing.Continue reading “A Guide To The Rock Hewn Monasteries Of Ruse”

Travel Photo : Rock Paintings in Kakadu National Park Australia

Kakadu National Park is one of the best places in Australia to see ancient aboriginal rock art. Some of the paintings here are over 20,000 years old. See below for photo details and further reading ideas. Photo details: Camera : Canon 550D Lens: Canon 18 – 55 mm ISO: 400 Focal length: 50 mm Aperture:Continue reading “Travel Photo : Rock Paintings in Kakadu National Park Australia”

Travel Moment Tonga: Tongan Cemetery

One thing I really found interesting about Tonga were the cemeteries. Many of the grave sites had colourful banners and tapestries marking their spots instead of tombstones, and fresh flowers were in abundance. I always find cemeteries and interesting place to take pictures. Taken with a Canon 550D Lens: Canon 18 – 55 mm ISO:Continue reading “Travel Moment Tonga: Tongan Cemetery”