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The Top 3 Day Hikes Around Banff

Banff is easily a contender for one of the most beautiful places in Canada, and it is an ultimate playground for those who love the outdoors. All year round, Banff delivers stunning natural vistas and loads of outdoor activities for nature enthusiasts. In the winter, Banff is known for it’s skiing, and in the summerContinue reading “The Top 3 Day Hikes Around Banff”

Things To Do In Maui On A Budget

We quickly learned that Hawaii isn’t your typical budget travel destination when we first started researching it, but that doens’t mean that you have to spend your life savings. There are lots of things you can do in Hawaii, and on Maui in particular, for free, or almost free. Things to do in Maui onContinue reading “Things To Do In Maui On A Budget”

Mindo Cloud Forest – A Day Trip From Quito

Recently I wrote about one of my favourite day trips from Quito, the Otavalo markets. But there is another great day trip from Quito available for those who want to experience nature instead of shopping. The Mindo Cloud Forest is a favourite weekend escape for Quitenos because of it’s cool climate, lush forests, and diverseContinue reading “Mindo Cloud Forest – A Day Trip From Quito”

Family Friendly Activities Around San Pedro De Atacama, Chile

San Pedro de Atacama is like nothing you have seen before. An entire town made of dusty red adobe. Complete with red dusty streets and a crystal clear desert sky. Arriving into San Pedro de Atacama was like arriving into another world – either that – or somehow going back in time. It certainly helpedContinue reading “Family Friendly Activities Around San Pedro De Atacama, Chile”

How to : Patagonia with Kids

When I first started researching what we could do in Patagonia with a 4 year old and a 4 month old in tow, we found very little information. Minimal information existed on blogs and web sites and forums were mostly filled with responses like “whats the point of traveling with kids anyway” and “traveling withContinue reading “How to : Patagonia with Kids”

The Ups and Downs of Bariloche, Argentina

Bariloche was our first introduction to Patagonia, and god damn, we were so excited. Mendoza had been a let down for us (our fault though, not Mendozas), so we were really looking forward to what Bariloche had to offer. From the moment we exited the airport we were in awe. A massive, clear blue lake,Continue reading “The Ups and Downs of Bariloche, Argentina”

A Family Travel Guide to Torres Del Paine, Chile

As I mentioned in my post about El Chalten, it was hard to find information about family friendly hikes prior to our Patagonia trip. In fact, many people, even people in the local tourist industry, warned us against it. But in reality, hiking and travelling around the Torres Del Paine national park, is very muchContinue reading “A Family Travel Guide to Torres Del Paine, Chile”