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Best Philippines Destinations for First Time Visitors

When Australians start travelling overseas, their first choice of destination is often Bali. This Indonesian tropical paradise has more outbound travellers from Australia than New Zealand and Fiji combined. After Bali, many independent travellers look further north and head to Thailand, Singapore or Viet Nam to expand their Asian experience. But Singapore is the world’sContinue reading “Best Philippines Destinations for First Time Visitors”

5 of the best places to SCUBA Dive in the Philippines

Roger is a mad traveler and lover of the outdoors. Originally from Australia, he is now living in Switzerland where he spends most of his time traveling, blogging, hiking, mountain biking or flying his Mavic Pro drone. You can find him online at his blog or on  Twitter. Even before the rest of the world discovered theContinue reading “5 of the best places to SCUBA Dive in the Philippines”

OurOyster Guide to the Philippines

We recently spent 2 weeks touring around the Philippines. We tried to sample a little bit of everything; we traveled to culturally important places, places of great natural beauty, and of course, some beautiful beach locations. Our two weeks only offered a sample of what the Philippines has on offer, but we did visit threeContinue reading “OurOyster Guide to the Philippines”

How to Plan the Perfect Bohol Itinerary

The island of Bohol has a reputation as one of the must visit destinations on the Philippines backpacker trail – and it’s an island which offers up some very different adventures to some of the other popular Philippine destinations, like Borocay – so it was quickly added to our itinerary. Billed as a nature andContinue reading “How to Plan the Perfect Bohol Itinerary”

The Hanging Coffins of Sagada

I remember hearing somewhere that Archeologists hit the jackpot when they are able to study the burial practices of a culture. They say that you can learn more about a people – their beliefs, fears, values, and customs – from the rituals they practice around death, than from any other practice. When I think ofContinue reading “The Hanging Coffins of Sagada”

Lessons from Travelling with a Three Year Old

“Do you want to keep him?” That was the question I asked several of the adoring locals who were fawning over Jacob despite his poor behaviour and attitude. Of course I didn’t mean it…. but I sort of did. Don’t get me wrong. Jacob is a great little traveller. In fact, I am really quiteContinue reading “Lessons from Travelling with a Three Year Old”

Rice Terraces of Batad – Survival Guide

Wake up. We have arrived in Banaue. We are hustled off the bus we just spent the night on. We arrived in Manila later than expected – flight delayed. We ran through the airport, were the first in the customs line, and taxied across town just in time to catch the overnight bus. Waking upContinue reading “Rice Terraces of Batad – Survival Guide”