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What To Do In Madrid With Kids

Madrid, the capital of Spain, was surprisingly not as kid friendly as expected. While there are a few different theme parks, the center lacked the choice of kid friendly museums that are often found in large cities. Yes Madrid is home to some pretty epic famous art museums  and good restaurants such as this italianContinue reading “What To Do In Madrid With Kids”

The Top 3 Day Hikes Around Banff

Banff is easily a contender for one of the most beautiful places in Canada, and it is an ultimate playground for those who love the outdoors. All year round, Banff delivers stunning natural vistas and loads of outdoor activities for nature enthusiasts. In the winter, Banff is known for it’s skiing, and in the summerContinue reading “The Top 3 Day Hikes Around Banff”

Five Must Know Tips for Planning Your Childs First Vacation

Traveling with your child is a wonderful but stressful experience. You will, first of all, want to ensure you are heading to a child-friendly destination, as well as have your child (and yourself) fully vaccinated, specially when travelling is recommended to carry on an aed which is portable device that checks the heart’s rhythm andContinue reading “Five Must Know Tips for Planning Your Childs First Vacation”

5 Family Friendly Day Hikes in Mt Kosciuszko National Park

A couple weeks ago we spent a week camping, hiking, and road tripping. Our ultimate destination was Kosciuszko National Park. It’s currently summer in Australia, so the area is much quieter and calmer than it would be during the snow season. Despite the lack of snow, Kosciuszko is magical in the summer off season. AsContinue reading “5 Family Friendly Day Hikes in Mt Kosciuszko National Park”

5 Things You Need to Bring With You When You Travel Pregnant

Travel might be the last thing on your mind when you’re pregnant, but it can be a great way to help you relax, connect with your partner, and clear your head before your little one arrives. Even if it’s just a long weekend away in your home country, a holiday has the ability to workContinue reading “5 Things You Need to Bring With You When You Travel Pregnant”

10 Things to do in Madrid with Kids

So you’ve decided to go for it and book a family trip to Madrid! Congratulations! You are in for a very special treat. You can’t go wrong with Madrid. As Spain’s capital, it’s a modern city built upon layers of history and culture. In other words, there’s something for everyone, and there’s no shortage of thingsContinue reading “10 Things to do in Madrid with Kids”