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15 Amazing Places to Eat in Vietnam

15 Amazing Places to Eat in Vietnam For some sad, strange reason, the only Vietnamese food I had ever really heard of before traveling through Vietnam was (you guessed it) Pho. Coming from a California native where there are nearly 1,000,000 Vietnamese people, which accounts for roughly 25% of all Vietnamese living abroad in theContinue reading “15 Amazing Places to Eat in Vietnam”

The Complete Guide to Travel in Vietnam

Vietnam is one of those countries that is firmly entrenched on the backpacker trail. It’s a perfect example of East meets West. It’s one of those countries that you will either love or hate. And it’s one of the easiest countries in South East Asia to travel overland. But before I get into how toContinue reading “The Complete Guide to Travel in Vietnam”

How to: Travel Vietnam with Children

I travelled to Vietnam as an adult, and let’s just say, it could sometimes be a challenge. Out of everywhere I have been in south east Asia, I found Vietnam to be the most challenging in terms of culture, food, and even health. Vietnam is after all, where my travelling partner came down with SalmonellaContinue reading “How to: Travel Vietnam with Children”

The Ultimate Vietnam Itinerary – All You Need To Know

Vietnam is an absolutely action packed destination. You can find history here, you can find mountain tribes, you can find beautiful bays and idyllic beaches, you can find food you can find ruins. Whether you have just a couple days, or a couple weeks, you will be able to keep yourself busy and entertained inContinue reading “The Ultimate Vietnam Itinerary – All You Need To Know”

What to Do and See in Nha Trang, Vietnam

If you are after a beach getaway in Vietnam than Nha Trang is probably where you will end up. Nha Trang is the only beach destination on the well travelled Hanoi to Saigon route, and offers an entirely different experience than any of the other stops on the route. This is also the place toContinue reading “What to Do and See in Nha Trang, Vietnam”

The Hanoi to Saigon : Travelling on the Open Bus

Vietnam is a country which has long attracted backpackers. It offers a culture that is unique in South East Asia. War history tourism is popular, the food is great and is becoming more and more popular in the West, and it is still a very budget country to visit. Why travel Vietnam by bus? VietnamContinue reading “The Hanoi to Saigon : Travelling on the Open Bus”

Exploring War History at the Cu Chi Tunnels

The Vietnam war was won by guerrilla warfare. The underground tunnel systems were extremely popular during the Vietnam war, and were dug all over the country by the Viet Cong. But the tunnels were more than just places to plan attacks and surprise American soldiers, local people also used the tunnels to shelter from airContinue reading “Exploring War History at the Cu Chi Tunnels”