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What To Do In Madrid With Kids

Madrid, the capital of Spain, was surprisingly not as kid friendly as expected. While there are a few different theme parks, the center lacked the choice of kid friendly museums that are often found in large cities. Yes Madrid is home to some pretty epic famous art museums  and good restaurants such as this italianContinue reading “What To Do In Madrid With Kids”

Barcelona Itinerary Guide – What to DO and SEE in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of those cities that is like nothing else anywhere in the world. A hub for artists and designers, Barcelona has evolved into something totally unique. Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and is also Spain’s second largest city, but it is still very much it’s own destination in itself. A trip toContinue reading “Barcelona Itinerary Guide – What to DO and SEE in Barcelona”

20 Things To Do In Madrid For Couples

20 THINGS TO DO IN MADRID FOR COUPLES It is not difficult to find romance in the beautiful city of Madrid with its classical architecture and lush gardens filled with colourful and fragrant blooms. A city filled with historical landmarks and old buildings, exploring each of its quarters is enough to make you fall inContinue reading “20 Things To Do In Madrid For Couples”

10 Things to do in Madrid with Kids

So you’ve decided to go for it and book a family trip to Madrid! Congratulations! You are in for a very special treat. You can’t go wrong with Madrid. As Spain’s capital, it’s a modern city built upon layers of history and culture. In other words, there’s something for everyone, and there’s no shortage of thingsContinue reading “10 Things to do in Madrid with Kids”

Two Days in Granada Spain – What To Do in Granada Spain

I’ve only traveled in three Spanish cities so far (I desperately need to correct that), and so far my favorite by a mile is Granada. I loved the beauty of Granada – the clash of east and west – Spanish and Moorish. The jewel in Granada’s crown has definitely got to be the Alhambra, butContinue reading “Two Days in Granada Spain – What To Do in Granada Spain”

Venture inland from Alicante to discover more of the region

Alicante is the destination for most sun seekers coming to the Costa Blanca, but there is far more to the area than just the airport. Based on our previous travels, we wanted to share some places we found that were off the beaten track, but well worth a visit, in the province of Alicante. WhenContinue reading “Venture inland from Alicante to discover more of the region”

The Alternative Travel Guide to Lanzarote

Are you considering a holiday to Lanzarote this year? Well, you’re in for a real treat. Being one of the Canary Islands (situated off the coast of Africa), this destination combines incredible weather, stunning scenery and a welcome change of pace from your normal life: exactly what we all look for in a holiday! ButContinue reading “The Alternative Travel Guide to Lanzarote”