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The Photographers Guide to Singapore

Singapore is a small city, full of futuristic architecture, bright lights, and lots of photography (particularly night photography) opportunities. The following five location are perfect for night photography in Singapore, which is how Dan spent most of his time (as you will soon see!). Super Tree Grove These incredible structures are located in the GardensContinue reading “The Photographers Guide to Singapore”

See Singapore for Free, While in Transit at Changi Airport

How many times have you transited through Singapore’s Changi airport? If you have ever travelled through the Asian region then I am guessing you would have transited through this air travel hub at least once. But have you explored this dynamic and future focused Asian capitol? I have been to Changi airport lots of times.Continue reading “See Singapore for Free, While in Transit at Changi Airport”

Affordable Luxury in the Heart of Singapore – The Quincy Hotel

I always feel like I am stepping into the future when I arrive in Singapore. This small island nation never ceases to amaze me. The streets are clean, the food is exquisite, the architecture pushes the boundaries, and luxury abounds. But what I love about Singapore is that you don’t have to be super wealthy,Continue reading “Affordable Luxury in the Heart of Singapore – The Quincy Hotel”