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A Journey Through Peru in 20 Photos

Peru is a crazy country with an incredible array of different landscapes, cultures and histories. It was hard to narrow this down to my 20 favourite photos. The following photo essay will take from you from south to north, from sea level to high in the mountains. So come on a journey with us throughContinue reading “A Journey Through Peru in 20 Photos”

The Benefits of a Free SEO Audit – An Insight

SEO auditing is one of the most important internet marketing tools that are implemented to provide a website a detailed insight as well as overview on improving their online visibility to the very best. A free SEO audit covers some of the major areas such as website domain related issues, website architecture, web content issues,Continue reading “The Benefits of a Free SEO Audit – An Insight”

25 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Cyprus

Cyprus wasn’t originally in the plan for our trip to Europe two years ago, but when it turned out that we needed to fly via this small nation to get from Belgium to Crete, well we decided to seize the opportunity. We spent a week in Cyprus driving around the country side in a rentalContinue reading “25 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Cyprus”

15 Bucket List Worthy Photos of Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a beautiful country located on in South Eastern Europe and bordering the black sea. We spent two weeks driving around the country of Bulgaria during a mild winter in January. Here are some of our favourite photos from our time in Bulgaria. One very special thing about Bulgaria is the architecture. A particularlyContinue reading “15 Bucket List Worthy Photos of Bulgaria”

A Photographers Guide to Spot Removal – Remove Distractions from Your Photography

You know when you are travelling and you see something amazing, something beautiful, or something quirky that you want to photograph. But what do you do if there is something ugly and distracting in the photograph? Like curbside rubbish bins, or power lines? Things like that can really take away the magic from your photography.Continue reading “A Photographers Guide to Spot Removal – Remove Distractions from Your Photography”