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Exploring the Inca History Around Cusco

We have talked about the Cusco ticket on this site before. It’s basically a tourist ticket which gives you entrance to 16 different sites in Cusco and around. If you want to visit sites like Ollantaytambo and Pisac, you will find that you can not buy single entrance tickets. It’s either the massive Cusco ticket,Continue reading “Exploring the Inca History Around Cusco”

48 Hours in Hobart Tasmania

Hobart, and the state of Tasmania used to have a bit of a reputation for being a bit backwards when compared to the rest of Australia. But that reputation has done a complete 180. Hobart is now one of the countries most thriving cultural capitals. It’s a world class food destination, cause one of (possiblyContinue reading “48 Hours in Hobart Tasmania”

A Walking Tour of Ohrid Macedonia

Located along a peaceful lake, Ohrid is a popular holiday destination for both foreigners and Macedonians. Lake Ohrid is one of the deepest and oldest lakes in Europe. And Ohrid itself gives off an atmosphere of history and depth with it’s beautiful medieval old town filled with mosques and churches. Why visit Ohrid Macedonia? OhridContinue reading “A Walking Tour of Ohrid Macedonia”

The Making of Sydney – A Historical Walking Tour with Context Tours

I’ve lived in Sydney for four months now. Despite that, I would say I know very little about the city. I’ve seen some of the main tourist sights sure, I’ve whale watched and cruised the harbour, I’ve even hiked in the nearby Royal National Park…. but when it comes to Sydney’s history and what makesContinue reading “The Making of Sydney – A Historical Walking Tour with Context Tours”

24 Hours in Gjirokaster Albania

Gjirokaster is one of the three UNESCO world heritage sites in Albania. It was inscribed on the list in 2005 for it’s outstanding universal value and because it offers a rare insight into the architecture and city planning of the Ottoman period. Berat was also inscribed on the list for the same reasons, but GjirokasterContinue reading “24 Hours in Gjirokaster Albania”