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Why We Were Not The Biggest Fans of the Food in Argentina

Now I know that saying you don’t like the food of a particular country can stir up a whole lot of emotions, but you know what. I’m going to say it anyway. We didn’t really like the food in Argentina. Although, let me start with a couple disclaimers. Firstly, we were not eating at eachContinue reading “Why We Were Not The Biggest Fans of the Food in Argentina”

Another Night, Another Bangkok Rooftop Bar

This post is brought to you by Thantakit, organizers of dental holidays in Thailand. Bangkok is renowned for it’s rooftop bar scene, and it seems new ones are popping up all the time. After accidentally finding myself at two rooftop bars in just two nights, I decided that the universe was obviously telling me thatContinue reading “Another Night, Another Bangkok Rooftop Bar”

Tasmania Road Trip : Launceston and the Tamar Valley

Tasmania has always been high on my bucket list, so when I finally made it down for a two week trip at Christmas, I decided to visit the state through a variety of different small road trips combined with city visits. We flew in and out of Launceston and this is where we started ourContinue reading “Tasmania Road Trip : Launceston and the Tamar Valley”

15 Amazing Places to Eat in Vietnam

15 Amazing Places to Eat in Vietnam For some sad, strange reason, the only Vietnamese food I had ever really heard of before traveling through Vietnam was (you guessed it) Pho. Coming from a California native where there are nearly 1,000,000 Vietnamese people, which accounts for roughly 25% of all Vietnamese living abroad in theContinue reading “15 Amazing Places to Eat in Vietnam”

A Food Tour Through Macedonia

I am writing this while I am waiting for our painfully inadequate oven to finish cooking dinner. Writing a post about some of the most incredible food in the Balkans while I am absolutely starving is increasingly seeming like a very bad idea. A Food Tour Through Macedonia Macedonia is a country full of heartyContinue reading “A Food Tour Through Macedonia”

What to Eat in Cambodia – 5 Foods to Try

Snuggled up between Thailand and Vietnam, two powerhouses of Asian cuisine, a lot of people overlook the food of Cambodia. Cambodia shares a lot of culinary elements with it’s two main neighbours, but it has adapted them and combined them in unique ways. Many of the dishes of Cambodia are similar to those from Thailand,Continue reading “What to Eat in Cambodia – 5 Foods to Try”

An Indulgent Evening at Balgownie Estate – Yarra Valley

The air is hot and sticky. It’s a rare day of high humidity in Melbourne and I had to chose between having the car windows rolled all the way down to let in some breeze, or shutting them with my cardigan stuck in to block out the sun. In the end I decide to saveContinue reading “An Indulgent Evening at Balgownie Estate – Yarra Valley”

5 Incredible Dining Experiences around the World

Dining in style doesn’t necessarily have to be in a restaurant with four walls surrounding you. You also don’t necessarily have to be stationary, or on the ground. Just as in a restaurant, you could enjoy exquisite dining by booking one of the villa rentals Cabo San Lucas too In this post we’ll be sharing fiveContinue reading “5 Incredible Dining Experiences around the World”

An Unexpected Foodie Gem. Exploring the Cuisine of Albania

I wasn’t sure what to expect when we travelled to Albania on the over night bus from Northern Greece. I didn’t have the best food experience when travelling through Greece (I’ll have to write a whole post on that later), and when options were limited I would opt not to eat rather than eat someContinue reading “An Unexpected Foodie Gem. Exploring the Cuisine of Albania”