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Fiji with Family: Beyond the Kids Clubs

Renowned for their welcoming culture and devotion to children, Fiji is an easy pick for families seeking a fun, low-risk trip overseas. World-class resorts offer sensational services (including engaging kids clubs, lagoon pools and onsite spas for mum and dad) while Fiji holiday packages help manage the cost (many deals allow kids to fly, stay,Continue reading “Fiji with Family: Beyond the Kids Clubs”

Travel Photo : Fiji Fire Dancers

Most Pacific Islands have some sort of special dancing tradition. Many of them also feature fire. But Fiji is probably the best place to go to see these performances live. Many hotels and guesthouses offer free nightly Fiji fire dancing performances and it is certainly something you should check out. Photo details: Camera : CanonContinue reading “Travel Photo : Fiji Fire Dancers”

Travel Photo : Fiji Sunset On The Coral Coast

Shortly after taking the fun hammock depth of field photo, I simply had to turn my camera a different direction to capture this beautiful sunset over the Coral Coast of Fiji. Photo details: Camera : Canon 550D Lens: Canon 18 – 55 mm ISO: 200 Focal length: 18 mm Aperture: 22 Shutter speed: 1/25 FurtherContinue reading “Travel Photo : Fiji Sunset On The Coral Coast”

Fiji Travel Photo : Traditional Dancer

The hostel where I was staying in Nadi, Fiji put on traditional dance shows several times a week. It was a great introduction to the local culture and an excellent photography opportunity. Although I did take loads of action shots, my favourite photo from the show were actually the more intimate photos, that focus inContinue reading “Fiji Travel Photo : Traditional Dancer”

Travel Photo Fiji : Chill Time From A New Perspective

I love playing with depth of field. It’s the perfect camera trick to practice when you can’t bring yourself to leave your hammock. I took this photo while relaxing by the beach on Fiji’s Coral Coast. Photo details: Camera : Canon 550D Lens: Canon 18 – 55 mm ISO: 200 Focal length: 23 mm Aperture:Continue reading “Travel Photo Fiji : Chill Time From A New Perspective”

Our Best Photos Of Fiji

I only had a chance to visit the main island of Viti Levu, which is the island where you will most likely arrive by plane. I had intended to visit some of the other islands, such as the popular Yasawa group, but was unfortunately caught up in a tropical cyclone and had to change my plans…. dramatically.Continue reading “Our Best Photos Of Fiji”

A Year In Travel 2012

This year has been insane. Some things were expected, many were not. Some of our 2012 travel goals were achieved, others…. well not so much. Our Year In Travel 2012 January – March – Brisbane Australia I wish I was independently wealthy, but I’m not. I wish I married rich, but I didn’t. I wishContinue reading “A Year In Travel 2012”

Revisiting Our 2012 Travel Goals – How Did We Do?

Last year I posted about our 2012 travel goals for the year. So what did we get right? What changed? Did we meet our goals? 2012 Travel Goal #1 – Australia Great Barrier Reef – I really want to spend some time snorkelling in this area! Uluru – If possible we would like to spendContinue reading “Revisiting Our 2012 Travel Goals – How Did We Do?”