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The Top 3 Day Hikes Around Banff

Banff is easily a contender for one of the most beautiful places in Canada, and it is an ultimate playground for those who love the outdoors. All year round, Banff delivers stunning natural vistas and loads of outdoor activities for nature enthusiasts. In the winter, Banff is known for it’s skiing, and in the summerContinue reading “The Top 3 Day Hikes Around Banff”

What to do with 2 – 4 days in Ottawa, Canada

Ottawa, the under-loved capital of Canada, is one of my favorites in Canada. In fact, it’s one of the places we are thinking of relocating to. Full of history, culture, activities and adventures, Ottawa is a laid back and friendly town and a great place to feel the Canadian vibes. I’ve been to Ottawa fiveContinue reading “What to do with 2 – 4 days in Ottawa, Canada”

Quebec City Itinerary Guide – 2,3,4 Days and More

There were several things which surprised me about Quebec City. The first, and most important surprise was just how much there is to do in the city. When I started researching the things which interested me in the city, and the places that I would like to visit, I was overwhelmed with just how many attractions I was keen to check out.

Travel Tips for a Summer Vacation in the Niagara Area

Travel Tips for a Summer Vacation in the Niagara Area Iconic Niagara Falls and the area surrounding it is popular throughout the year, but this part of North America is particularly lovely to visit during the warm summer months, when the weather is great and the extended daylight hours give you even longer each dayContinue reading “Travel Tips for a Summer Vacation in the Niagara Area”

Attention All Canadians – Even More Passport Drama

I’m no stranger to a little bit of passport related drama and stress. In fact I have two posts about my past passport dramas (here and here). So when I found out about new changes to the Canadian passport system and requirements, I felt it my duty to write something up. This time I haveContinue reading “Attention All Canadians – Even More Passport Drama”

The Guide to Overnight Camping on Flowerpot Island

About the Author: Heather’s passion for travel compelled her to change careers, and start writing to encourage anyone who feels stuck in their life to find fulfillment with travel. Among Heather’s loves are yoga, scuba diving, and exploring the world. Come on over and say hi at The Travel Type or find me on FacebookContinue reading “The Guide to Overnight Camping on Flowerpot Island”

Day Trip Manitoba : Gimli and Lake Winnipeg

So you are in the middle of an across Canada road trip. (Why else would you be in Manitoba?) But instead of just spending a night in Winnipeg and moving on, why not spend a few days and day trip in this region. With Manitoba being in the centre of Canada, and quite far awayContinue reading “Day Trip Manitoba : Gimli and Lake Winnipeg”