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10 (+1) Kid Friendly Things to Do in Dubai

As a traveling family with two little kids, we often need to break up long journeys with a stop over (or stop over week). And for Australians, Dubai is one of those places which we often visit en route. But Dubai is way more than a stop over destination. If you are traveling with kids,Continue reading “10 (+1) Kid Friendly Things to Do in Dubai”

The 3 Realms of UAE

TheĀ Arabian cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi are perfect amalgamation of ancient Arabian culture and ultra-modern lifestyle. The rich heritage and modern glamour of these cities epitomises warmth and hospitality. A trip to Dubai involves shopping festival, culinary delights, and loads of adventure. For those looking for some adrenaline rush, skydiving near Palm Jumeirah isContinue reading “The 3 Realms of UAE”