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Fiji with Family: Beyond the Kids Clubs

Renowned for their welcoming culture and devotion to children, Fiji is an easy pick for families seeking a fun, low-risk trip overseas. World-class resorts offer sensational services (including engaging kids clubs, lagoon pools and onsite spas for mum and dad) while Fiji holiday packages help manage the cost (many deals allow kids to fly, stay,Continue reading “Fiji with Family: Beyond the Kids Clubs”

The Ultimate Cook Island Shopping Guide

The Cook Islands are made up of 15 islands scattered over a vast tract of the South Pacific. Rarotonga is the easiest island the reach, and the one which obviously receives the most tourists. This guide will focus on where to shop for the best souvenirs and gifts on Rarotonga. Pearls The Cook Islands, likeContinue reading “The Ultimate Cook Island Shopping Guide”

The Cross Island Track with a Toddler – Cook Island Travel

1001 hikes to do before you die. It was just my type of book, as an avid hiker and list ticker, so I snapped it up. Our next destination was the Cook Islands, and to my surprise, they had one walk featured from Rarotonga. It was rated easy. Perfect. The walk was the Cross IslandContinue reading “The Cross Island Track with a Toddler – Cook Island Travel”

What to do in Rarotonga with Kids

Jake is now 3. He’s at an age where we talk about upcoming vacations before we go on them. He understands, he gets excited, hes engaged. And when we get home he remembers the place and his experiences there and differentiates it as travel, as something different than home. We recently spent a week onContinue reading “What to do in Rarotonga with Kids”

Cruising Papua New Guinea

A country with over 850 languages. A country with hundreds, maybe thousands of ethnic groups. A country of both fast paced modernization and tribes who still live in the same way before colonization. White sand beaches. Unexplored jungle. Birds of paradise. Elaborate native dress. If those words don’t stir a bit of adventurous feeling inContinue reading “Cruising Papua New Guinea”

What to wear in PNG

Recently I spent two weeks cruising around Papua New Guinea with two girlfriends and Jacob. We visited six different on shore locations during our cruise, all very different from the last. While everything in my previous post – A ladies guide on what to wear cruising, still applies in this case. being in PNG doesContinue reading “What to wear in PNG”

A Day On Lifou Island With Kids

We sailed through the night. The waters were calm as we navigated from the main island of New Caledonia over to Lifou, one of New Caledonia’s Loyalty Islands. We were still when we awoke. Because the island is small and does not have a harbour to dock at, we needed to disembark via the smallContinue reading “A Day On Lifou Island With Kids”