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Our 5 Favorite Underrated European Destinations

This post was made possible by our friends at Momondo. A great base for European adventures is the city of London. Looking for cheap flights to London? Or maybe keen to explore some of the best underrated Asian destinations with a flight to Hong Kong? Our friends at Momondo can help you find the bestContinue reading “Our 5 Favorite Underrated European Destinations”

The Complete Guide to Macedonia Travel

The little landlocked country of Macedonia in the Balkans was one of our favourite spots in the area. Good food, beautiful countryside, friendly people and tons of culture – this small country has a lot to offer. We didn’t spend nearly as much time in Macedonia as we would like, so this “complete guide” isContinue reading “The Complete Guide to Macedonia Travel”

Whats in a name? The International Controversy Behind Macedonia’s Name

Whats in a name? Well apparently a lot. For the small country of Macedonia in the Balkins, it’s name affects a lot of things. For Macedonians, the name of the country inspires them, it reminds them of their past and helps then to look into the future. So what is so bad about that? WellContinue reading “Whats in a name? The International Controversy Behind Macedonia’s Name”

The Balkans Are The Best for Travelling Families

Crying babies in cafes. Crying babies on buses. Crying babies on airplanes. I hate crying babies. I think most people hate crying babies. Especially in our Western capitalistic culture of “me, me, me”. We live busy lives, we don’t have time for babies and the disruption they cause. We can’t look outside our own needsContinue reading “The Balkans Are The Best for Travelling Families”

A Photographic Journey Through Macedonia

Macedonia is a funny little country. It is a place where east meets west. Mosques stand next to ancient churches, and both seem to co-exist beautifully. It’s a place where we had some of the best foodie experiences of our entire 5 month trip through Europe. It’s a place which does not get the loveContinue reading “A Photographic Journey Through Macedonia”

The Budget Travel Guide to Macedonia

Most places in Eastern Europe are great for the budget traveller, and Macedonia is no exception. Expect to find a great range of accommodation, plenty to do, and eat like a king in Macedonia for an incredibly reasonable price. Couple budget friendliness with plenty of cultural, historical and natural things to do and see, andContinue reading “The Budget Travel Guide to Macedonia”

How to See the Best of Macedonia – Travel Itinerary

This is not an exhaustive itinerary. This is our itinerary. We had limited time to visit Macedonia, so we picked the very top spots that were easy to reach by public transportation and we spent the majority of our 5 days there. This is in no way an exhaustive itinerary, and I highly recommend youContinue reading “How to See the Best of Macedonia – Travel Itinerary”

A Food Tour Through Macedonia

I am writing this while I am waiting for our painfully inadequate oven to finish cooking dinner. Writing a post about some of the most incredible food in the Balkans while I am absolutely starving is increasingly seeming like a very bad idea. A Food Tour Through Macedonia Macedonia is a country full of heartyContinue reading “A Food Tour Through Macedonia”

A Walking Tour of Ohrid Macedonia

Located along a peaceful lake, Ohrid is a popular holiday destination for both foreigners and Macedonians. Lake Ohrid is one of the deepest and oldest lakes in Europe. And Ohrid itself gives off an atmosphere of history and depth with it’s beautiful medieval old town filled with mosques and churches. Why visit Ohrid Macedonia? OhridContinue reading “A Walking Tour of Ohrid Macedonia”

What to Do and See in Skopje Macedonia

Travelling to Macedonia? Without a doubt, you will be spending a bit of time in the capitol of Skopje. We started our Macedonian journey here in Skopje. Skopje, Macedonia Skopje is a funny little place. It’s a city where east meets west, and seems to do it gracefully. It’s a city with modern buildings withinContinue reading “What to Do and See in Skopje Macedonia”