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How To: One Week In Cyprus

We hadn’t exactly been planning to include Cyprus in our European itinerary, but when searching for a budget airline connection between Belgium and Crete (Greece), we found that we could get a great fare by passing through Cyprus. And why just pass through, when we could stop and have a bit of an explore. SoContinue reading “How To: One Week In Cyprus”

Cyprus Road Trip – Paphos to Limassol

Cyprus is a great country for road trips. The roads are in great condition, other drivers are courteous, and many of the notable sights and attractions are best visited when you have your own independent transport. Since we had our own set of wheels during our week in Cyprus, we decided to find as manyContinue reading “Cyprus Road Trip – Paphos to Limassol”

A Guide to the UNESCO Painted Churches of Cyprus

In the middle of the island of Cyprus, there exists an escape from the oppressive heat of the coast. Just a short drive inland will take you to the Troodos mountains, where crisp clean mountain air offers respite from the humidity and heat experienced on the rest of the island. But the Troodos mountains offerContinue reading “A Guide to the UNESCO Painted Churches of Cyprus”

Cyprus: One of the Top Tourist Destinations in the World

With influences from Asia, Europe and Africa over the centuries, Cyprus has developed a rich, fascinating history that can be relived through its architecture. The capital Nicosia is surrounded by walls built in the 15th century, when the Venetians ruled the island, and is bisected by the ‘green line’. This divide was set in 1974Continue reading “Cyprus: One of the Top Tourist Destinations in the World”

25 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Cyprus

Cyprus wasn’t originally in the plan for our trip to Europe two years ago, but when it turned out that we needed to fly via this small nation to get from Belgium to Crete, well we decided to seize the opportunity. We spent a week in Cyprus driving around the country side in a rentalContinue reading “25 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Cyprus”

Don’t listen to your mother : Cyprus is safe for travel

Don’t you just love it when your best laid plans all implode, but then something even more awesome is born? We planned to fly from Belgium to Crete as part of our 5 month backpacking adventure with our infant son. I had planned it all. I had even consulted flight maps. But what I didn’tContinue reading “Don’t listen to your mother : Cyprus is safe for travel”