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Budget Travel in Tonga

Pacific Islands are generally not considered the most budget destinations. When compared with nearby southeast Asia, I can understand how they get that reputation. But when compared to Europe, and near by neighbours of Australia and New Zealand, Pacific Islands actually turn out to be very good destinations for budget travel. Accommodation Accommodation costs cameContinue reading “Budget Travel in Tonga”

The Complete Guide to ‘Eua Island – Tonga Travel Guide

‘Eua island is a nature lovers paradise. ‘Eua island is the easiest island to reach from the main island of Tongatapu, and a convenient ferry links the two. ‘Eua island is known for it’s lovely beaches, it’s well marked hiking trails, its dramatic hills and cliffs, and it’s national park/ ‘Eua is home to theContinue reading “The Complete Guide to ‘Eua Island – Tonga Travel Guide”

What is your dream honeymoon?

Even those who don’t typically travel will usually pack their bags and grab their passport when it comes to their honeymoon. Recently we have been writing about Tonga. I’m a little late actually in writing about this trip… we visited Tonga almost two years ago… for our honeymoon! Well, to be honest, it was moreContinue reading “What is your dream honeymoon?”