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Our Saddest Animal Encounter In Indonesia

We were not planning to spend any time in Jakarta. Crowded, congested, and polluted – it was not our ides of a good time. But when we found out our flight back home had been cancelled and rescheduled for the next day, we decided to try to make the most of it and find somethingContinue reading “Our Saddest Animal Encounter In Indonesia”

The Environmentally Friendly Way to See Whales in Australia – Oz Whale Watching Tour in Sydney

It was a short walk from our hotel to the beautiful Darling harbour in Sydney. Darling harbour is lined with loads of nice cafes and restaurants, and is also home to Madam Tussaud’s wax museum and the Sydney Aquarium. But we were not here for life like figures or exotic fish in tanks, we wereContinue reading “The Environmentally Friendly Way to See Whales in Australia – Oz Whale Watching Tour in Sydney”

Turtle Watching in Bundaburg

Bundaburg is a small town in Southern Queensland known for a few very specific things; Sugar cane, Rum, and Loggerhead Turtles. I had actually visited Bundaburg before for completely un-touristy reasons. Bundaburg is home to a lot of commercial fruit and vegetable farms, therefore making it one of the hubs for backpackers seeking their secondContinue reading “Turtle Watching in Bundaburg”

The Bombs Of Phonsavanh

I got off the bus to Phonsavanh with shaky legs. I get motion sickness at the drop of a hat, and the windy mountainous roads of Laos, although beautiful, completely did me in every single time. Stumbling down the towns main street, squinting through half closed eyes affected by a chemical drowsiness not uncommon withContinue reading “The Bombs Of Phonsavanh”

Australia – Northern Territory Indigenous Tours Review

By Jade Johnston When I was planning the Great Australian Overland Adventure, I knew that I wanted to include some tour partners that were either Aboriginal owned and operated, or that could provide insight into Aboriginal culture. It was a little bit difficult to find as well, since the vast majority of Australian culture andContinue reading “Australia – Northern Territory Indigenous Tours Review”