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The Kitchens of Rajasthan – A Gastronome’s Paradise

Whether it is their luxurious residences, lavish dresses, or sumptuous food, the royals are distinguished for their exquisite living. No wonder then that the people of Rajasthan, the inheritors of the rich culture of their Maharajas, proudly carry on with this legacy in their daily lives. That’s why they have been able to remarkably preserveContinue reading “The Kitchens of Rajasthan – A Gastronome’s Paradise”

From Delhi to Rajasthan – The Best Getaways in the Land of Royals

The eagerly awaited weekend is right around the corner. If you are a Delhi resident or visiting the capital city around this weekend, you don’t need to fret over how much you can experience in these two days. Be ready to get lured by Rajasthan because, by the end of your 48 hours experience, youContinue reading “From Delhi to Rajasthan – The Best Getaways in the Land of Royals”

Chennai – A City of the Future with Rich Heritage

Chennai has always held the image of a sacred destination, known for its deeply revered heritage and classical traditions. However, in the last few decades, it has become one of the few Indian cities that are leading the country into the future. Today this vibrant metropolis is a graceful mix of rising townships, high-tech businesses,Continue reading “Chennai – A City of the Future with Rich Heritage”

Visiting Varanasi on Akshay Tritiya – An Unparalleled Experience

Varanasi, a city described to be older than history, tradition, and even legend, is a great place to visit for those who want to enjoy the real experience of the spiritual grandeur of India. While a visit to the city is always a learning experience irrespective of the occasion, planning a trip to Varanasi aroundContinue reading “Visiting Varanasi on Akshay Tritiya – An Unparalleled Experience”

Vishakapatnam – A Delightful Destination for Beach Enthusiasts & Shoppers

The Indian summer may be an unpopular season for those who prefer cool and comfortable environs. However, the Indian summer is probably the best time of the year for those who love the outdoors, especially spending time at the beach. One Indian destination that attracts a large number of beach and water sports enthusiasts isContinue reading “Vishakapatnam – A Delightful Destination for Beach Enthusiasts & Shoppers”

Coonoor – Ideal Destination for a Summer Retreat

With hot winds, dust, grime, and discomforting sweat and stickiness, the Indian summer can be a draining affair, physically and mentally. The best way to get away from all of this is to plan a trip to a cool hill station near you. A weekend getaway to Coonoor will be a refreshing change; not justContinue reading “Coonoor – Ideal Destination for a Summer Retreat”

Exploring the Heart of South India: Chennai

The old city of Madras, now known as Chennai, is the official gateway to South India and one of its most vibrant destinations. Seething with a lively local colour, Chennai may best be described as a sophisticated metropolis with culture running deep through its veins.  If you find yourself in Chennai, with only two daysContinue reading “Exploring the Heart of South India: Chennai”

A Jaunt Through the Pink City: Discovering Jaipur

Built by royla maharajas in the 18th century, modern day Jaipur is a paradox in the sense that while it remains one of the most visited tourist destinations of all time, it can still be called a mystery. It is so much more than its surface attractions and a mere 2-3 days stay is just notContinue reading “A Jaunt Through the Pink City: Discovering Jaipur”