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The Catch 22 Campervan Conundrum

Guest post How can you know that NZ is the perfect destination for your next motorhome holiday? New Zealand packs one hell of a punch. For travellers thirsting for full immersion in rugged, wild and awe-inspiring landscapes as well as the opportunity to unleash their inner dare devil, the land of the long white cloudContinue reading “The Catch 22 Campervan Conundrum”

Travel Moment New Zealand: Hikers on the Tongariro Crossing

Hiking the Tongariro crossing was one of my top experiences in New Zealand. We had to wait several days before the weather was fine enough on the mountains to safely do the hike. You can read more about the Tongariro Crossing here. Taken with Canon 550 D Lens: Canon 18 – 55 mm ISO: 100Continue reading “Travel Moment New Zealand: Hikers on the Tongariro Crossing”

Hostels – Base Jumping Card Review

In Australia and New Zealand, backpackers searching out accommodation options will often come across the name Base. Base hostels are a hostel chain, characterized by having large airy dorms, the flash girls only sanctuaries (available by paying an upgrade fee on top of the Base jumping card), and by the lively theme nights and activitiesContinue reading “Hostels – Base Jumping Card Review”

Spaceships Campervan Review

Travel is about freedom. Who can argue with that? And for a lot of us, freedom means being behind the wheel of a vehicle. Being able to go wherever the wind blows you, and being able to stop wherever you fancy. That’s why on our Great Australian Overland Adventure, we knew we couldn’t just travelContinue reading “Spaceships Campervan Review”

New Zealand – Free And Cheap Places To Visit In Auckland

Free And Cheap Places To Visit In Auckland No matter where you are coming from in the world, there is a very good chance that your first port of call on your New Zealand holidays will likely be in Auckland. Auckland sometimes gets some bad press among travellers to New Zealand. And I do understandContinue reading “New Zealand – Free And Cheap Places To Visit In Auckland”

The Best Indie Travel Destination

By Jade Johnston I’ve been to more than thirty countries, and in every single one of them, I have been an independent, budget traveller. So while this doesn’t make me an expert on indie travel in any means, I can say which countries I think (from experience) are the best for indie travel. FPV CameraContinue reading “The Best Indie Travel Destination”