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Learning Spanish in South America

If you are planning a trip in South America and you want to really get the most out of your trip, then it is absolutely imperative that you learn some Spanish. Luckily, Spanish is a relatively simple (and very fun) language to learn. Unlike some other languages, the grammar follows fairly set rules. There areContinue reading “Learning Spanish in South America”

The Best and Worst of Travel in Colombia

I’ve finally finished writing about all my experiences in Colombia (you can find the entire list here), and now it’s reflection time. The Best and Worst of Travel in Colombia There are always a good and a bad aspect to everything. Sometimes how you perceive a situation is due to your outlook. Other times, itContinue reading “The Best and Worst of Travel in Colombia”

Things To Do in Bogota – 2 Days in Bogota

The Colombian capital of Bogota is not on many travelers must see list. A Bogota native who we picked up hitchhiking in Chile even suggested that we skip the Andean city. However, for those who do find their way to this city high in the Andes, you will not be without things to keep youContinue reading “Things To Do in Bogota – 2 Days in Bogota”

Guatape Day Trip From Medellin Colombia

Often times, the most authentic travel experiences are found outside of the main cities. In smaller towns it can be easier to slow down, and really connect with your surroundings. Even though the little town of Guatape is hot on the tourist trail, the town is still small enough to provide a relaxing breath ofContinue reading “Guatape Day Trip From Medellin Colombia”

A Budget Guide To Playa Blanca Baru

Our first stop in Colombia was the vibrant and colorful Caribbean port city of Cartegena. And while we loved the historic and lively city, we felt it would be amiss to not take advantage of some beach time in the sparkling Caribbean sea. There are some, pretty average, beaches in Cartegena itself, but by farContinue reading “A Budget Guide To Playa Blanca Baru”

Is Bogota Safe for Travel? – Getting Mugged at Knife Point in Colombia

We have been traveling through South America for 5.5 months and Bogota was our last city before returning to Buenos Aires to catch our flight back to Sydney. We have been all over the continent, visiting 7 countries and countless cities. We have stayed in all sorts of random neighborhoods with AirBnB, we have traversedContinue reading “Is Bogota Safe for Travel? – Getting Mugged at Knife Point in Colombia”