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Finding my Way on the Camino de Santiago

I don’t remember when I first learned about the Camino de Santiago, but I assume that the first thing I thought upon learning about it was “I have to do that someday.” It feels as if I have always knows about it and always been driven to complete it. I feel that I must have…

48 Hours in Seville, Spain

I wasn’t originally planning to visit Seville, but when my plans changed and I ended up back in Spain instead of in Malta, I just could not pass up the opportunity. Prior to visiting I had been planning to one day move to Seville – even though I knew nothing about it. But it is…

What To Do In Madrid With Kids

Madrid, the capital of Spain, was surprisingly not as kid friendly as expected. While there are a few different theme parks, the center lacked the choice of kid friendly museums that are often found in large cities. Yes Madrid is home to some pretty epic famous art museums  and good restaurants such as this italian…

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