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What One Should Know before Travelling to Tibet?

Unique topography and climate Tibet is located on the highest and largest plateau on the planet, Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. This is a harsh, alpine environment where the average altitude is above 4,000 meters. The winter is quite cold and almost all remote settlements lose access to the major cities due to snow. The high-altitude Plateau liesContinue reading “What One Should Know before Travelling to Tibet?”

How to Plan Tibet Tour for Budget Travelers

Tibet is one of the most beautiful places in China, rich in culture and has amazing scenic beauty which attracts numerous tourists from the world every year. But a few factors makes the tour of Tibet bit expensive in comparison to the other attractions in China, as it is an interior place which has extremeContinue reading “How to Plan Tibet Tour for Budget Travelers”

Top 6 Dishes to try in Hong Kong

This post is contributed by Marie, founder of Miles of Happiness ( She is expatriate in Hong Kong. Did you know Hong Kong is actually an amazing destination for food lovers? The city has an incredible offer in terms of restaurants, from Indian to Italian, Argentinian or even Caribbean ! But when you visit a city,Continue reading “Top 6 Dishes to try in Hong Kong”

Visiting the Home of Avatar – Zhangjiajie Mountains

Visiting the Home of Avatar – Zhangjiajie Mountains Guest Post by Alex – Alex contributes to My 30s Travel Blog. If you’ve ever see Avatar you can assume that the mountains are computer generated out of the imagination of a graphic designer and although this is the case they are actually based on a rangeContinue reading “Visiting the Home of Avatar – Zhangjiajie Mountains”