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The Complete Guide To Travel In Malaysia

Thinking of travelling to Asia? Not sure where to start. Might I make a suggestion? I always recommend Malaysia for first time travellers to Asia. It’s Asia through and through. Asian food. Asian culture. Asian weather. And yet Malaysia is a very developed country, meaning that a lot of the aspects of other Asian countries,Continue reading “The Complete Guide To Travel In Malaysia”

How to Travel to the Perhentian Islands

Believe it or not, until recently, I wasn’t much of a beach traveller. I also tended to avoid any destination that sold cocktails in “buckets”, or had an any one given time, more drunk people than sober. I was probably a minority among most backpackers in their early twenties. The first time I visited MalaysiaContinue reading “How to Travel to the Perhentian Islands”

Our Favourite Family Friendly Attraction in KL

Welcome to the world’s largest free flight bird aviary. Covering a sprawling 20.9 hectares in the scenic KL Lake Gardens,  just a ten minute drive from the city centre, this aviary will make you feel like you are miles away from the crazy city that is KL. I have been to KL twice. The firstContinue reading “Our Favourite Family Friendly Attraction in KL”

The Five Best Places in Borneo to Spot Wildlife

When people ask us about our trip to Borneo, we rave about a lot of things. But the first thing we talk about is all the incredible wildlife experiences that are available. Of all the places that we have travelled, Borneo has been the best place we have ever been to when it comes toContinue reading “The Five Best Places in Borneo to Spot Wildlife”

What to Eat in Borneo – 5 Delicious Foods to Try

Malaysia is well known as a foodie destination in South East Asia. I havn’t been there personally, I but I have been told by multiple people that Penang in Malaysia is one of the best foodie cities in the world. Penang has such a huge foodie reputation, that Borneo often gets overlooked. When we travelledContinue reading “What to Eat in Borneo – 5 Delicious Foods to Try”

Budget Travel in Borneo

We recently spent several weeks exploring the incredible and diverse island of Borneo. I had wanted to visit Borneo ever since I visited mainland Malaysia in 2011. A land of unique tribal cultures, some of the most rare and diverse flora and fauna, and a plethora of adventure and cultural activities… Borneo was everything IContinue reading “Budget Travel in Borneo”

15 Reasons To Put Sabah On Your Bucket List (Photo Essay)

The highlight of our travel so far this year has been Borneo. We have posted about it quite a bit recently, and hopefully we have convinced you that Borneo needs to be on your South East Asian bucket list. But in the off chance that you are not totally sold on Borneo yet, let usContinue reading “15 Reasons To Put Sabah On Your Bucket List (Photo Essay)”