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The Complete Guide to Maldives Travel

The Maldives are the absolute picture of paradise. They have been the go to destination for sun lovers and honeymooners for ages. With thousands of islands – many of which uninhabited – the Maldives is a true island getaway. Many resorts and hotels actually span across an entire island, really lending to the paradise inContinue reading “The Complete Guide to Maldives Travel”

Ramadan and Travelling to the Maldives

We found out that we were travelling to the Maldives during Ramadan, after booking our tickets. But we were not too worried. When it comes to travelling in an Islamic country during Ramadan, it is probably the easiest in the Maldives. Travelling during Ramadan Ramadan is a holy month of fasting that all adult MuslimsContinue reading “Ramadan and Travelling to the Maldives”

My Travel Fail – You Can’t Snorkel If You Can’t Swim

“Are you ready Jess?” Our guide called me Jess, and I learned to answer to it after a time. Jade seems to be a difficult name for most people to learn or pronounce, so I just go with the flow. In the Maldives, I was Jess. We put on our fins, masks and snorkels, andContinue reading “My Travel Fail – You Can’t Snorkel If You Can’t Swim”

Snorkeling the Maldives – Travel Video

The underwater world never ceases to amaze us. It’s one place that us humans only have the most limited of access to. There are unknowns, and mysteries in the oceans that we can only dream of. So it’s no water that snorkeling and diving are such other worldly experiences. We went snorkeling every day weContinue reading “Snorkeling the Maldives – Travel Video”

Budget Travel in the Maldives

“Whhhaaaa…?!?” Yeah that’s right… I said budget travel in the Maldives. It’s actually possible. No, really, it is. The Maldives have traditionally been that post card perfect destination that you dreamed of going on a romantic getaway. And that’s definitely that it used to cater to. Up until recently, tourists could only stay on resortContinue reading “Budget Travel in the Maldives”

What’s in our bag? Maldives edition

Even though I love pretty much every aspect leading up to a holiday, I probably have the least amount of fun trying to figure out what to pack. And when it came to deciding on a packing list, the Maldives was particularly challenging. Firstly, we had to ensure to pack clothes that were light weightContinue reading “What’s in our bag? Maldives edition”