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15 Bucket List Worthy Photos of Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a beautiful country located on in South Eastern Europe and bordering the black sea. We spent two weeks driving around the country of Bulgaria during a mild winter in January. Here are some of our favourite photos from our time in Bulgaria. One very special thing about Bulgaria is the architecture. A particularlyContinue reading “15 Bucket List Worthy Photos of Bulgaria”

Exploring the Rock Formations of Belogradchik

If you want to get away from the cities, explore some of the countryside, and see some really unique and beautiful rock formations, then you need to head north to the Bulgarian province of Vidin. Why Visit Belogradchik? When we were planning our road trip around Bulgaria, we wanted to try to visit every cornerContinue reading “Exploring the Rock Formations of Belogradchik”

The Balkans Are The Best for Travelling Families

Crying babies in cafes. Crying babies on buses. Crying babies on airplanes. I hate crying babies. I think most people hate crying babies. Especially in our Western capitalistic culture of “me, me, me”. We live busy lives, we don’t have time for babies and the disruption they cause. We can’t look outside our own needsContinue reading “The Balkans Are The Best for Travelling Families”

A Guide To Medieval Cherven In Bulgaria

  Have you heard of Cherven? We hadn’t until we visited Bulgaria. And yet Cherven was one of the most important cities during the period of Bulgarian independence in the 12th to 14th centuries. Even Lonely Planet doesn’t do it enough justice. Our South-East Europe book only devotes two sentences to Cherven. Which is aContinue reading “A Guide To Medieval Cherven In Bulgaria”

A Guide To The Rock Hewn Monasteries Of Ruse

Are you Buddhist? I thought that was a strange question to ask, but replied that I wasn’t. Satisfied with my answer, the monk then proceeded to anoint my forehead with oil and say a quick blessing to give me luck in the new year. Apparently all religions except Buddhists are allowed to receive this blessing.Continue reading “A Guide To The Rock Hewn Monasteries Of Ruse”

The Culture Lovers Guide to Things to Do in Plovdiv – Art And Architecture In Plovdiv Bulgaria

Plovdiv is recognized as Europe’s oldest continually inhabited city. It is a tentative on the UNESCO world heritage list, and showcases a plethora of architectural styles from throughout history all within it’s narrow cobbled streets. This small and easy to navigate city offers a wide range of activities for art and culture lovers.