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Another Night, Another Bangkok Rooftop Bar

This post is brought to you by Thantakit, organizers of dental holidays in Thailand. Bangkok is renowned for it’s rooftop bar scene, and it seems new ones are popping up all the time. After accidentally finding myself at two rooftop bars in just two nights, I decided that the universe was obviously telling me thatContinue reading “Another Night, Another Bangkok Rooftop Bar”

Top Islands To Visit In Thailand

The islands off the coast of Thailand are worldwide famous for a reason. Boasting white sand beaches, tropical lush forests and clear waters, most of them are travel postcards in real life. Some islands still remain fairly undeveloped and faithful to their own essence, like Koh Muk, Koh Tarutao and Koh Tut. On the otherContinue reading “Top Islands To Visit In Thailand”

The OurOyster Guide to Thailand

Thailand is one of those countries which is a travel mecca for our sorts of travellers. Backpackers flock here in their thousands. Luxury travellers relax here. Couples and families make this their holiday destination. No matter what type of traveller you are, you will likely find something that interests you in Thailand. So is ThailandContinue reading “The OurOyster Guide to Thailand”

The Weekender Guide to Bangkok

Bangkok is one of Asia’s largest and most cosmopolitan cities. It’s got great shopping, great food, incredible temples, palaces and cultural centres, and a buzzing nightlife. Why go to Bangkok? If you are travelling to Thailand, then you will without a doubt pass through the capitol city of Bangkok. Bangkok is a tourist mecca, it’sContinue reading “The Weekender Guide to Bangkok”

10 Photographs to Take You to Thailand

Thailand is probably the most popular country for tourists to visit in South East Asia. Travellers of every type flock here… backpackers looking for a party, families looking for a resort, and couples seeking a luxury beach experience. Dan and I visited Thailand at different times before we met each other. He had your typicalContinue reading “10 Photographs to Take You to Thailand”

Climbing Phu Kradueng

Phu Kradueng is a famous national park in northern Thailand. The highlight of the park is it’s mountain, at the top of which is a beautiful, cool plateau famous for it’s wildlife and waterfalls. Why visit Phu Kradueng? Phu Kradueng is famous throughout Thailand for it’s beauty and cool and comfortable climate. Climbing the mountainContinue reading “Climbing Phu Kradueng”

Spending a Night at the Cockroach Hotel

The cockroach hotel. This wasn’t a themed hotel. It wasn’t a gag or a joke. Nope, this was an actual hotel. A hotel full of cockroaches. So. Many. Cockroaches. We had just arrived in the provincial town of Udan Thani after visiting the archaeological museum and dig in Ban Chiang. We arrived by bus andContinue reading “Spending a Night at the Cockroach Hotel”

24 Hours in Ban Chiang – Discovering Ancient Archaeological Wonders

History buffs listen up. This little known and tragically under-rated UNESCO site is for you. If you are interested in our ancient origins, and find yourself in Northern Thailand, then this is a must read. Where is Ban Chiang, and Why Should You Go? Ban Chiang is located in Northern Thailand, in the Udon ThaniContinue reading “24 Hours in Ban Chiang – Discovering Ancient Archaeological Wonders”