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Budget Travel in Iceland – Planning A Trip To Iceland On A Budget

Iceland isn’t that expensive if you don’t want it to be. Yes, Iceland is more expensive than some places in Asia, but you shouldn’t let that stop you from planning a trip to Iceland. The guide will help you understand where your budget will go, where you can save money, and how much you should plan to spend.

The most beautiful place on earth….

Iceland. It’s the most beautiful place on the planet. (In my opinion.) If you don’t believe me…. then read on…. Geothermal wonders Iceland is all about the geothermal. Two of the most famous geothermal wonders are the Blue Lagoon where you can take relaxation to the next level, and geyser, which is…. well a geyser.Continue reading “The most beautiful place on earth….”

The Best Spots on Iceland’s South Coast

We freaking love Iceland. We spent a week in Iceland last November and it was probably the best week of our collected lives. Even though the weather didn’t cooperate, and we even slid off an icy road straight into the ditch, we still have one pretty freaking amazing week. We had originally planned to roadContinue reading “The Best Spots on Iceland’s South Coast”

A Driving Tour of Iceland’s South West Peninsula

A driving tour of Iceland’s South West is an absolute must. For those with limited time in Iceland, this tour, combined with a driving tour of the Golden Circle is a great way to get a taste of this amazing country. I have mapped out the tour with your start and end point in theContinue reading “A Driving Tour of Iceland’s South West Peninsula”

Driving The Golden Circle, Iceland

I don’t know why it’s called the “Golden Circle”, you see, it’s more of a straight line. Some people call it the “Golden Triangle”, which also doesn’t make sense…. but anyway…. whether circle, triangle, or line, it’s pretty awesome. What is the Golden Circle? The Golden Circle is one of Iceland’s most accessible, most famousContinue reading “Driving The Golden Circle, Iceland”

Travel Moment Iceland : Skogarfoss

Another one of Iceland’s amazing waterfalls. This one is located in the town of Skogar. There are (what seem like hundreds) of steps up to the top of the waterfall as well. Photo details: Camera : Canon 550D Lens: Sigma 10 – 20 mm ISO: 200 Focal length: 14 mm Aperture: 6.3 Shutter speed: 1Continue reading “Travel Moment Iceland : Skogarfoss”

Travel Moment Iceland : Nature Meets Humanity

Seriously though. I spotted this while we were driving along the southern section of the ring road. It is either a shed built into the hillside, or the hillside consuming a shed. Amazing right. Want to see it for yourself? Coordinates are: 63.523353, -19.554036 Photo details: Camera : Canon 550D Lens: Sigma 10 – 20Continue reading “Travel Moment Iceland : Nature Meets Humanity”

Travel Moment Iceland : Seljalandsfoss

Visiblefrom the Ring Road, a visit to Seljalandsfoss is a must when driving Iceland’s southern coast. If you want to get wet, you can even walk behind the falls. You might not want to do that in winter though. Photo details: Camera : Canon 550D Lens: Sigma 10 – 20 mm ISO: 100 Focal length:Continue reading “Travel Moment Iceland : Seljalandsfoss”