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Photo Moments of Morocco

Many many moons ago I went to Morocco with a girlfriend from Australia who I was on a student exchange with in Denmark. It was probably the most full on travel experience I had had up to that point (it was still early in my travel career), but it was one of the most rewarding.Continue reading “Photo Moments of Morocco”


The OurOyster African Bucket List

So far, Africa remains relatively unexplored for me. Sure, I have been to Morocco, but that’s it. The only continent less explored than Africa for me is South America, but I will be rectifying that very shortly. There are so many places on my African bucket list. However, some will need to wait until theContinue reading “The OurOyster African Bucket List”

Outdoor Adventures In and Around Cape Town, South Africa

Capetonians revel in the fact that they live in one of the most beautiful cities in South Africa. Quite rightly so, Cape Town is a diverse and stunning city with mountains and oceans offering some exciting opportunities for adventure seekers. The mild climate here also makes it possible to enjoy most outdoor activities all yearContinue reading “Outdoor Adventures In and Around Cape Town, South Africa”

A drive down the Skeleton Coast in Namibia

Guest Submission Cold water from the Atlantic Ocean mixes with the hot air of the Namib Desert. This creates a beautiful fog that rolls onto the Skeleton Coast in Namibia. This is not the friendly, carefree coast of your regular holiday tourist trap. The Skeleton Coast, as the name implies, can be dangerous. However, theContinue reading “A drive down the Skeleton Coast in Namibia”

Tunisia – Top Historical And Archeological Sites

Where is Tunisia? This is the question I hear the most when I declare Tunisia as one of my “must visit destinations”. So where is Tunia? And why would anyone want to go on holidays to Tunisia? Tunisia is a country in Northern Africa, and lies immediately south to Italy and Malta. It is anContinue reading “Tunisia – Top Historical And Archeological Sites”

The Best Indie Travel Destination

By Jade Johnston I’ve been to more than thirty countries, and in every single one of them, I have been an independent, budget traveller. So while this doesn’t make me an expert on indie travel in any means, I can say which countries I think (from experience) are the best for indie travel. FPV CameraContinue reading “The Best Indie Travel Destination”