The Complete Guide to Macedonia Travel

The little landlocked country of Macedonia in the Balkans was one of our favourite spots in the area. Good food, beautiful countryside, friendly people and tons of culture – this small country has a lot to offer. We didn’t spend nearly as much time in Macedonia as we would like, so this “complete guide” is more the “complete guide of our experiences.” The information here offers a great starting point for planning your trip to Macedonia, but we highly recommend you go even further, and do more exploration of your own.

Why You Should Travel to Macedonia

Thinking of planning a trip to Macedonia? Well, Macedonia is an incredible easy country to travel in. There are bus and rail connections throughout the country. Its also a very budget friendly country, and you can experience fantastic hotels and restaurants for a fraction of the cost as most other European destinations. It’s also full of history; medieval structures, Byzantine churches, and a unique blend of Eastern and Western influence.

The Budget Travel Guide to Macedonia

A Food Tour Through Macedonia

A Photographic Journey Through Macedonia

What to Do and See in Macedonia

We only had about five days to spend in Macedonia, so we decided to visit the two main and most popular destinations in the country; Skopje and Ohrid. Our guides and recommendations can be found below, as well as a breakdown of our suggested itinerary.

A Walking Tour of Ohrid

What to Do and See in Skopje

Macedonian travel itinerary

Go Deeper into Macedonia

Intrigued? Want to learn more about this funny little country? The posts below offer a personal look into our travel experiences in Macedonia, as well as a reflection on how a name can divide the international community.

Whats in a Name? The International Controversy behind Macedonia’s Name

Our Experience Travelling Through Macedonia

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  1. Macedonia is the lively culture, delicious food. Thanks for nice and wonderful post! These images looks really nice & beautiful.


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