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The World’s Most Epic Road Trips

We have been doing tons of family road trips recently, and I have to say, it is one of my favorite ways to holiday, click here for touring motorcycle advice. Even if you are not driving your own vehicle, the experience of overland travel is so much more intense and colorful than simply jet setting around.

We asked the world of travel bloggers to share their favourite and most epic road trip itinerary’s, tips and stories.

We were amazed at the feedback we got. It seems like just about everyone out there has been on at least one extraordinary road trip, and we can’t wait to share the details with you now….

 USA Road Trips

Kansas City, Little Rock, Memphis, Nashville, Louisville to Cincinnati

Chris ChristensenThe Amateur Traveler

My wife and I ended up on a road trip across the heartland of America this last Summer from Kansas City to Cincinnati via Little Rock, Memphis, Nashville and Louisville. That was a lot to cover in a week so my first piece of advice is travel twice as long or cover half as much area so you can enjoy places in more depth. One of our favorite stops was Memphis which, among other great sites, includes the amazing National Civil Rights museum. This museum is located in the motel where Martin Luther King was assassinated.
Top tip: Take your time as there is a lot of ground to cover.

The State of Oregon

Adelina Wong – Pack Me To

Last summer I went on an 8 day road trip around the state of Oregon. We started in Portland, headed down the beautiful Oregon Coast, before turning inland to see the stunning Crater Lake inside a volcano. Throughout the whole trip I was in awe of the gorgeous landscape everywhere we drove. Oregon is such a beautiful state that is often overlooked. Especially as we headed down the coastline, every turn revealed an overlook more beautiful that the one previous.

Top tip: If you decide to do this trip, be sure to plan more time than you think you’ll need. There are many roadside attractions and lookout points that you’ll want to stop along the way.

Lookout Point Along the Oregon Coast

The State of Arizona

Jan Ross – Wanderlust Wonder
By the time our invitation to a resort in Arizona fell through, it was too late. We had already planned our trip and bought airline tickets, so we decided if we were going to Arizona, we would see as much as possible of the Grand Canyon state. Ironically, we had already seen the Grand Canyon, so we decided on Phoenix, Lake Havasu, Tucson, and Sedona. Four completely different locations with (as we soon found out) widely different weather. Our biggest shock was driving from Lake Havasu where we had lounged by the lake in shorts over the mountains to Sedona and suddenly seeing snow by the side of the road. From the astonishing Taliesin West Frank Lloyd Wright winter home to tiny sailboats on Lake Havasu to saguaro cactus forests in Tucson to soaring red rock mountains in Sedona, we burned up the miles trekking across this beautiful state.

Top tip : For anyone who is planning a similar road trip, allow plenty of time in Sedona as we were truly astonished by the unique beauty of this location.


San Francisco to Big Sur

Avichai Ben Tzur – X Days In Y

Charming towns, rugged beaches, and towering Pacific Ocean cliffs – these sound like the ingredients for a great road trip. The Pacific Coast Highway a.k.a Highway 1 stretches along most of California’s Pacific coastline.

If you only have a few days, head down from San Francisco to Big Sur which would first take you along the coastline to surf central Santa Cruz and into Monterrey with its famous aquarium. Then cruise along the famous 17 Mile Drive towards Carmel and don’t forget to visit The Lone Cypress tree as you see golfers take the best golf breaks at dona filipa hotel. Take a refreshing stop in artsy Carmel, visit the white sand beach and spot the dolphins grabbing lunch. Hit the road again driving across the engineering marvel that is Bixby Bridge and into Big Sur.

The highway now snakes its way around towering cliffs and every turn reveals another one of nature’s marvels. Take your time, as you’ll be stopping frequently to take in the breathtaking views. You might even spot some whales swimming offshore. Take a break at McWay Falls, a picture postcard beach where the fresh water tumbles down to the golden beach. If you have more time, head south, stopping at glamorous Hearst Castle and swanky Santa Barbara before reaching the City of Angels.

Top tip: give yourself plenty of time for stopping along the way as there’s so much to see. Make sure to also have plenty of gas in that tank!


Across the USA and back again

Katie – From Shores to Skylines

Road trips are a huge part of the American culture. Growing up, I took several a year with my family, so it seemed fitting that the first trip my husband and I would take together would be an epic road trip – across nearly the entire country and back. We started in our home state of Kentucky and drove Northwest through the Badlands in South Dakota, a welcome sight after the typical flat corn fields of the plain states. We continued through the mountains and forests of Wyoming, starting off the day in shorts and tees and finishing in the snow. We made our way to a tiny town that time forgot, Cody, Wyoming just outside of Yellowstone, where we watched geysers erupt. We made a stop at Crater Lake in Oregon, and snaked down the California Coast, visiting the Redwood Forest, Yosemite National Park, and the giant sequoias along the way. After visiting the old abandoned ghost town of Bodie, we started heading back east through the Joshua trees and stopped at Bandelier National Monument in New Mexico, where nomadic hunter/gatherers once lived over 10,000 years ago. We drove 6600 miles in just two weeks, and would do it again in a heartbeat.

Top tip: While greasy burgers at hole-in-the-wall diners in the US are must do, it can get old fast. I recommend stocking up on a few healthy snacks when you can because there just isn’t much outside of fast food joints in the middle of the country. Don’t be afraid to get off the beaten path a little. You can see so much more of this beautiful country when you trade the major highways for scenic back roads.

From Shores to Skylines Road Trip

Blue Ridge Parkway

Bret and Mary – Green Global Travel

Originally known as the Appalachian Scenic Highway, this 469-mile road was built back in the 1930s to connect North Carolina’s Great Smoky Mountains National Park with Virginia’s Shenandoah National Park. With remarkable vistas (particularly in October, when the autumn colors reach their peak), historic landmarks such as the Daniel Boone Native Gardens and the Hickory Ridge Homestead, and thousands of wildlife species (including a vast herd of elk), this iconic scenic road offers a taste of unspoiled Americana at its finest. No wonder it has been the U.S. National Park System’s most visited attraction nearly every year since the mid-1940s.


Europe Road Trips

Exploring Ireland – Shannon to Dublin

Carole Terwilliger Meyers – Travels with Carole

Last year I took a road trip through Ireland, beginning in Shannon and ending in Dublin.  The trip was memorable and enjoyable and I wouldn’t change a thing.  It included stays in a castle in Cong, a B&B in Dingle and Adare,  and several nights at several hotels in Dublin.

Top tip : My tip is to definitely spend two nights at Ashford Castle and to splurge there on the Hawk Walk.

IRELAND-Dingle-Conor Pass-sheep-ram-c2013 CaroleTerwilligerMeyers-600pix

The Ultimate Irish Road Trip

Erin Bender – Travel With Bender

If you want to see both the Republic and Northern Ireland, then this is the ultimate road trip for you!

A day by day guide on how to see the beautiful emerald isle in just 12 days. Dance with leprechauns, spot a rainbow, visit a castle, kiss the Blarney stone and take a walk on the perilous Cliffs of Mohor. You will fall in love.
Top tip: Car hire in Ireland is a tricky affair. When booking online check all fees have been charged up front. Look for rentals that explicitly say no more hidden costs on pick up, because if you don’t.. there will be! 
Top tip 2: Beware the dollar change when going North. Ireland uses Euros, North Ireland (the UK part) uses Pounds.

Iceland’s South Coast

Jade – OurOyster

Iceland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world in my opinion. It is the one place we can’t wait to return to. We had originally planned to do the entire Ring Road of Iceland, but that plan had to be quickly discarded due to the winter condition of the roads. However, there was enough on Iceland’s South Coast to keep us very busy for several days.

Think stunning waterfalls, beautiful villages, black sand beaches and a glacier lagoon where giant Iceburgs float up onto the black sand beach. You can read full details about it here.

Top tip: Winter is a beautiful time to go, but you might want to spend the extra money on a four wheel drive. We learned that the hard way after having to be winched out of the ditch after sliding off the icy road.

Iceburgs washing up onto black sand beaches...
Iceburgs washing up onto black sand beaches…

Iceland’s Golden Circle

Jade – OurOyster

If you only have a day or two and want to explore some of Iceland’s most incredible natural sights, then we recommend the Golden Circle. The short road trip, will take you to a geysir, an important national park, and one of Iceland’s most popular water falls. You will also drive past beautiful and rugged plains, dotted with friendly Icelandic horses.

Top tip: Although there are only three stops on this trip, you will find yourself wanting to pull over frequently to take in Iceland’s special natural beauty. Give yourself a lot of extra time.

Icelandic horse

The UNESCO painted churches of Cyprus

Jade – OurOyster

In the mountainous region of Troodos in central Cyprus you can escape the heat and visit the 10 painted churches from the Byzantine era. All ten churches have been recognized as UNESCO world heritage sites. The churches are not located all that far from each other, but narrow and winding mountain roads will certainly slow you down.  It took us three days to visit them all, and even that was a bit of a mission.

Top tip: Find a hotel that is centrally located amongst the churches and base yourself there. Being in one spot makes it easier to visit all the churches.


UNESCO highlights of Northern Greece

Jade – OurOyster

Getting between places in Greece by public transport is possible, but it’s not always that great if you are in a rush. We wanted to visit the main UNESCO sites of the north but didn’t have days to spend sitting on buses and trains. Instead we went from Athens to Larissa by train and then picked up a rental car. From Larissa we drove to Delphi. Delphi is a beautiful little mountain town and is of course, home to the world famous archaeological site. Not far from Delphi is another less visited UNESCO site, the monastery of Hosios Loukas. From there head north to Metorea, this is the home of the cliff top monastery’s. After visiting Metorea, head back to Larissa to return the car and head off on your next adventure.

Top tip: You will need 2 – 3 days if you want to visit all the monastery’s in Metorea.

A view of the Delphi UNESCO archeological site from the top of the hill. We had the whole site to ourselves.
A view of the Delphi UNESCO archeological site from the top of the hill. We had the whole site to ourselves.

South America

Bolivias Death Road

Kach Mu and Jonathan Howe – Two Monkeys Travel Group

Our best ever road trip happened just over a week ago, just outside of La Paz, Bolivia. We spent a whole day cycling the world’s most dangerous road, which claims about 300 lives every year. The road is a deadly blend of stunning scenery, tight turns, rocks and landslides. After about 10 hours of riding, we reached the town of Coroico, where we prepared for the journey back, this time by bus which is how most people die on this road, trying to pass each other on narrow, unstable sections and tumbling 400 meters to the ground below.

Death Road

Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula

Anna – The Blonde Banana

A road trip in the Mexican state of Yucatan is the perfect way to explore the region’s safe and vibrant cities and numerous natural attractions. Start in Mérida, the bustling capital known for its colonial architecture.
From there it’s easy to visit Celestun (1.5 hours away), home to both beaches and a biosphere reserve where thousands of wild flamingos migrate to for the winter.
The next destination is Izamal, about an hour from Mérida in the opposite direction. Designated a pueblo magico by the Mexican government, Izamal is a charming small town that is entirely painted yellow.
Another can’t miss city in Yucatan is Valladolid, with its quiet and picturesque historic streets and lively main square. Take a stroll down Calzada de los Frailes, home to several expat-owned fancy boutiques, or cool off with a dip in Cenote Zaci, a sinkhole located just a couple blocks from the square.
A trip to Yucatan wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Chichen Itza, the ruins of the famous Mayan city. While it’s crowded, very touristy and can be hot, it’s worth the wait and hassle. Go early to avoid traffic and hire a guide inside for the best experience, as signs describing the sites are limited.
Driving in the Yucatan is very safe and easy, with most streets well marked by signs pointed toward major destinations. Just beware of speed bumps, as the highways often pass through small villages and your car could cross one with little warning.

Inline image 3

The Way of 365 Curves (from Mendoza/Argentina)

Juergen Klein – Dare 2 Go

The way of the 365 curves, Ruta 52, is the old road from Mendoza to Chile. It was replaced by Ruta 7, following Rio Mendoza, which it joins in the pleasant mountain town of Uspallata. This gives the option to drive this road as a round trip from Mendoza or take it as an alternative route to join the pass into Chile. The old road was first constructed in the 16th century, and later it became the chosen path for San Martin to move his troops into Chile, which gave name “Los Libertadores” to the border pass.

The first 50 or so kilometers out of Mendoza are paved, then the surface changes, near the information center, to gravel. At this center you can visit a cactus garden and enter the grand grounds of the historic Hotel Villavicencio, once famous for its thermal springs and cool summer climate (now closed for years and, together with the springs, in foreign ownership); there is an entry fee. From the Hotel Villavicencio onwards the road climbs up the mountains to a height of almost 3,000 meters, through the famous 365 curves. It passes the “Balcon Del Inca”, a viewing platform above a deep canyon, and reaches “Cruz Del Paramillo”, on clear days a stunning viewing point towards the Andean mountains which form the border with Chile. From there it goes gently down into Uspallata, past a plaque commemorating Charles Darwin’s visit, and a old mine converted into museum. The landscape is truly breathtaking, and with some luck you might spot herds of Guanacos grazing beside the road.

Top tip: This trip can be done either with your own or a hired vehicle, no 4-wheel-drive required, or there are tour operators leaving from Mendoza.


Road Tripping Across French Guyana

Jonny – Don’t Stop Living

Public transport in French Guyana isn’t the best so we decided that we would hire a car and do a road trip across the country, from east to west. We crossed the border from the Brazilian town of Oiapoque and arrived in St. Georges de L’Oyapock, a small and remote riverside settlement. French Guyana is a small country, and the capital city is Cayenne. Cayenne is the best place to start your road trip – they have lots of car hire companies there and you can also get your onward visa for Suriname there as well as enjoying the sights of the capital city.

We explored the capital first of all, spending three days enjoying Cayenne. By night you can see turtles coming onto the shore and nesting their eggs on the beach. If you’re lucky you can get to see the baby turtles on the sand at twilight. There are a few lively bars by the main square at night and we also checked out the fort and French colonial buildings by day. We stayed outside the town at Oyasamaid and the next morning headed early westward.

Next up we stopped in the town of Kourou. While the town is quiet and small, Kourou does have one truly amazing place to check out – the CSG, Centre de Spacial Guyanaise. This is basically a massive Space Centre. The largest in South America and the space centre used by France to launch their space exploration projects from. The museum is massive – you can get a guided tour, you get to see space shuttles, rockets and a really in-depth history of space travel not just from the French, but from all the countries involved in space travel through the decades. There is no public transport heading out to the CSG, so this is perfect for a road trip. We spent a couple of nights in the town of Kourou as well, which has a nice beach and some local shops, markets, churches and bars.

After Kourou, it was into the unknown. Our road trip took us along the main road to the town of Sinnamary. It is important to note that Kourou and Cayenne are the last two chances for a big petrol station on the entire road all the way to St. Laurent du Maroni. Sinnamary is even more tranquil and relaxed than Kourou. A pretty church dominates the town centre, near a bridge over the river. We’re the only two tourists around and we stop off for something to eat and drink. Sinnamary is small and sadly the only hotel there was closed for refurbishment at the time, so we headed back on the road to the town of Iracoubo. Iracoubo has quite a few Asians living there, with Chinese restaurants and supermarkets. Here though, the church is by far and away the best attraction and the nicest church in the country in my opinion. Iracoubo has a tourist information centre and a hotel.

Onwards from Iracoubo we headed west towards the riverside town of St. Laurent du Maroni. On the way we ran out of petrol completely, and it was only lucky that we met a guy at the roadside who by fluke had a small amount of petrol in a jug that we bought off him and were able to make it to St. Laurent du Maroni. We stopped in Organabo on the way for something to eat and arrived in St. Laurent du Maroni. This town is famous for once housing the prison Papillon was in. You can tour the former prison, while also checking out the French colonial churches and buildings. Other options include more wild turtle viewing and bird watching.

St. Laurent du Maroni marked the end of our road trip as the town sits on the river which separates French Guyana and Suriname. You can hand your car back into the car hire company here and then get the ferry across to Albina in Suriname!


Oceania Road Trips

Australia – Uluru to Cairns

Linda – Journey Jottings

If you love the feel of wide open roads in front of you, with miles and miles of wide open spaces whooshing past beside you, you’ll love traversing this 3000km (2000 mile) road-trip from iconic Uluru in the heart of Australia’s arid red centre across the desolate Ozzie outback to the lush green tropics on the far north-east coast.
This trip is all about experiencing vast expanses of wilderness. Scrubby wild flats that give an unbroken 360 degree view to the distant horizon line, which abuts the 180 degree dome of blue sky that arches overhead.

This, being sandwiched between two such contrasting landscapes that mark the start and the finish, is what makes this journey of transition so complete.

Top tip: Fuel up at every opportunity – distances can be deceptive and unlike the same-same fuel stations you’d be used to topping up at in urban areas, out here each and every stop has its own quirky idiosyncrasies, not to mention the wonderful outback characters you’ll get to meet along the way.

Uluru to Cairns Roadtrip

Australia – The Great Ocean Road

Karyn – Not Done Travelling

This stunning journey begins in the town of Torquay, west of Melbourne, and stretches 246 kilometres westwards. It actually comes in two parts: East of Cape Otway is known as the Surf Coast, and with golden beaches and great waves it’s a fantastic place for a family holiday. West of Cape Otway is known as the Shipwreck Coast and, as the name suggests, it is home to many sunken vessels who met their fate in these treacherous waters. The Shipwreck Coast may be dangerous, but it is also filled with huge cliffs and beautiful scenery such as Loch Ard Gorge and the famous Twelve Apostles. Get out your cameras, people!

It is also possible to do the drive in just one day – but why would you, when there’s so much amazing scenery to stop and gaze at? Allow yourself at least a couple of days to get the most out of this great drive.

Top tip: If you don’t mind sharing the space with lots of other people, summer is a fantastic time to visit as the coastal towns are pumping with energy from all of the numerous visitors. However, if you prefer to avoid crowds and you aren’t afraid of chilly weather, visit in winter. (If you go between May and October and you follow the road all the way to the regional city of Warrnambool, you may also be lucky enough to spot the majestic Southern Right Whales who come to the area to give birth!)

great ocean road really is great 6

Sydney to Byron Bay

Christy – Ordinary Traveler

We had the best time road tripping along the East Coast of Australia. We flew into Sydney, picked up our campervan and traveled north from there. We spent a little over a week on the road and stopped at as many gorgeous beaches as possible. A few of our favorite stops include Cabarita, Angorie, Yamba, Newcastle, and Byron Bay. Australia is known for their beaches and it definitely didn’t disappoint!

Australia Road Trip

Cape to Cape – Western Australia

Johanna – Zigazag

The Cape to Cape drive in South West Australia covers around 143kms (including a couple of detours) and starts at Cape Naturaliste near Dunsborough then heads south through the Margaret River Region named one of the Top 10 places in the world to visit by Lonely Planet, and finishes at the southern cape, Cape Leeuwin.

Both capes have wonderful lighthouses you can visit. The south west corner of Australia is an ancient land, which for millions of years was cut off from the rest of Australia by desert. You’ll drive through tall Jarrah, Karri and Marri forests and natural bushland. You’ll be able to take detours to wonderful beaches, and experience a fascinating cave system. You’ll see flora found nowhere else in the world – In fact, the south west is known as a biodiversity hotspot. If you’d like to read more about this road trip you might like : Who’s for a Road Trip Australia 

Top tip: The caves in the area are amazing. If you’re booking cave tours ask at the Augusta and Margaret River Visitor Centre about packages – sometimes you can buy a discounted package for two or three caves and a lighthouse tour.

cape to cape

Gippsland Victoria

Jade – OurOyster

Gippsland is all about wine, great fresh produce, wildlife encounters and beautiful landscapes. It’s pretty much the stuff road trip dreams are made out of. This round trip road trip from Melbourne will take you to the Penguins of Philip Island, Wilsons Prom national park, the beautiful beaches of Lakes Entrance and Tarra Bulga National park. Along the way you can spot penguins, wombats, sea birds, koalas and lyre birds. You will also have tons of hiking opportunities and even more photo opportunities.

Top tip: You will need at least five days, but we recommend more.


Southern Queensland – Rockhampton –  Brisbane

Jade – OurOyster

This road trip will take you from the Queensland capital of Brisbane, up to the Capricorn coast and the start of the Great Barrier Reef. This road trip is all about beaches, sun, and Aussie creatures.

Beachy highlights include the beautiful seaside resort town of Hervey Bay, where whales some to rest and play in the winter months. The white silicon sands of Fraser Island is also not to be missed. Fraser island is also one of the best places in Australia to discover dingos in the wild.  Just north of Hervey Bay is the sugar cane capitol of Bundaburg, where during the summer months you can watch turtles come to the beach to lay their eggs, and little turtle hatchlings scrambling their way to the waves.

Don’t miss Great Kepple Island just off the coast of Rockhampton as well. But even with all these great beaches, don’t forget to also look inward every once in a while. Just inland from Rockhampton you can dig through the volcanic past and discover some Thunder eggs – rocks with fascinating crystals inside them.

Top tip: Pack lots of sunscreen!


Asian Road Trips

The India Rickshaw Run

Karilyn – No Back Home

Want to experience India like no other? Drive this amazing country in a pimped out rickshaw through remote villages and bustling chaotic towns on potholed roads along the coast, through the jungle and high up in the mountains.
Our route took us from the southern French town of Pondicherry to the far northeast mountain town of Shillong.  Instead of the easy coastal route, we chose to go straight through the middle of India through lands completely foreign to tourists. We saw very few tourist sites, rather we made a pilgrimage to one of India’s holiest Hindu temples, ate the best egg dosa with peanut chutney from a roadside stall, sped away (at 30km/hr) from scary gun wielding men in Naxalite territory, found inner peace with monks in Bodh Gaya, drank tea near Darjeeling and drove alongside an elephant on some gorgeous roads in West Bengal.
This will be the most challenging, exhausting and life changing trip you have ever taken. You will see, feel and experience an India most do not have the opportunity to visit. Your trip will not be centered around avoiding touts or people trying to rip you off. It will be filled with people offering their help when you are broken down on the side of the road, offering their homes and beds to you when you are lost in the dark and rooting you on as you drive past.

Top tip: Drive when it’s daylight, stop when it’s dark, and avoid getting thrown out of the rickshaw by speed bumps or potholes that jump out of nowhere.

3212716232_fa0c422b81_bBrad – My Wander List

The Rickshaw Run is one of the most unpredictable and rewarding road trips on the planet. Drive 2500 miles across India in a 3-wheeled rust bucket that’s equivalent to an engineering practical joke. After replacing our engine and transmission, ours exploded into flames in the middle of nowhere. We just had to watch it burn. Roads in India are really just a minefield of boulders and potholes that will swallow you whole. Rickshaws are so unstable that we flipped going down the highway and I was ejected (luckily hospital visits only cost about 2 cents there)
If that hasn’t discouraged you, the Rickshaw Run is a mind-expanding experience that will leave you searching for words. Indians burst into an uncontrollable tizzy at the first sight of a foreigner driving a rickshaw and you will be greeted like a movie star in every village.  You will see a reflection of yourself in everyone you will meet. You will see the haphazard congestion in your rear view mirrors as you dive off into nothingness, just knowing that you will be stuck or lost or stranded, and trusting that there will be good people there.
Top tip: get the loudest and most obnoxious horn you can buy and learn to ply it like an accordion. 

Road Trip Through Turkey

Jenny – A Taste of Travel

With fabulous roads, friendly people, beautiful villages and incredible scenery, a road trip through central Turkey is hard to beat!  We travelled from Istanbul to Safranbolu, along the Black Sea and into Cappadocia before heading to Sanliurfa, Gaziantep, Hatay and Konya and the southern coast. We stopped at roadside stalls, chatted to locals and ate delicious food. Six weeks and six thousand kilometres later we reluctantly returned to Istanbul.
Top tip: My tip is to remain flexible with your itinerary…this will allow you to make unplanned stops, stop to enjoy a long lunch or chat to villagers, turn left instead of right or even change the itinerary completely!
 Roadside stall in Turkey

Vietnam from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City

Jade – OurOyster

Vietnam is the perfect country for road tripping. Long and skinny, with two major cities at either end of the country, it’s made for road trips. Buy your own motorbike, grab a train ticket or purchase a hop on hop off bus ticket – there are lots of ways to discover Vietnam.

Highlights along the way include the Mekong Delta near Ho Chi Minh City, the Cu Chi tunnels, the tailors of Hoi An, and mountain region of Dalat, the islands and beaches of Nha Trang, and the history of Hue.

But the one highlight not to miss is . This stunning bay is a popular tourist attraction for a region – it’s absolutely stunning!

Top tip: Shop around when choosing your Halong Bay tour.

Halong Bay 2


31 thoughts on “The World’s Most Epic Road Trips

  1. What a great and inspiring post this became! I’m glad that I had the chance to contribute. And straight away my head started to spin around all the other famous roads I’ve driven (quite a few are listed here) and which ones really deserved to be included but aren’t. Well, there’s always an option for ‘part 2’…


  2. What a fantastic post. I would like to contribute to any future posts (road trips or other). I’m with Jenny from A Taste of Travel and think Turkey is a fantastic destination for a road trip. Good to see lots of Aussie Road Trips in your post too!


  3. Great list! We certainly love road trips and have done many ourselves. We’ve done a few on your list, but great to see some new ones we haven’t done that we’ll have to give a go! I’d add the Mongol Rally from England to Mongolia through 13 countries that we did with Ottsworld and Midlife Road Trip. Now that’s the ultimate. And the entire Wild Atlantic Way of Ireland is outstanding. 2500 km along the world’s longest coastal route. Ah-mazing. I see you did a bit of Iceland, you must go back and do the entire Ring Road, it’s an amazing road trip. Oh, and The Garden Route of South Africa, so beautiful and diverse. I can go on and on. 🙂


    1. Yes, I can’t WAIT to go back to Iceland! We had planned to do the whole ring road, but after sliding off the road into the ditch once, and almost again a few other times, we chickened out! The Mongol rally would be truly amazing…. maybe when our son is a little older we might do it… I want him to remember it!


  4. Wow what a great resource, and what a selection of road trips the travel blogging community have to offer. Made me want to put on a rucksack and just GO! Thanks so much for including my offering and for introducing me to some other much cooler bloggers than me.


  5. Great list! Quite a few of these (namely the Australian ones) I’ve already driven, but for the me the best road trip was from Dushanbe in Tajikistan to Osh in Kyrgyzstan – following the route that skirts the border with Afghanistan. The scenery is outstanding and the Pamir Mountains are extraordinary as you pass through altitudes of more than 4,500 metres. Strongly recommended, and allow yourself a week for the journey, plus any extra time for stops along the way.


    1. That sounds epic!! Visiting the stans are really high up my list. We are hoping to do the Trans Siberian soon, but I dont think we will have time to venture into the stans this time.


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