Budget Travel to Santorini – Is Santorini Expensive?

Guest Post by Endri – Endri runs Trip and Travel blog and is a native of Greece.

Budget Travel to Santorini, Greece

According to this travel blog, none has ever regretted traveling to Santorini as it is one of, if not the, most beautiful island of Greece, truly a gem. So is Santorini expensive? Well, Santorini is not a typical budget travel destination, but hopefully, with a few of these tips, you will be able to enjoy your trip to Santorini without breaking the bank.

Getting in to Santorini

Depending on what time of the year you try, getting a flight to Santorini can be very difficult, but certainly worth the trouble. Reaching Santorini by plane means you’ll have to stop by Athens through a connecting flight. If our goal is budget travel then it will be a little harder than usual to get cheap flight tickets because the destination is so popular, but some traveling agencies offer quite a few flight deals that can save you money. Booking your flight before April can save you a lot of money. Also don’t forget to communicate with your hotel as they will help you with airport transfers at a much cheaper price than the cab drivers would. Take into account all the possible options in order to get the most out of your trip in Greece.


To get around in Santorini, public transportation is probably the best idea. Renting cars has become ridiculously overpriced. Nearly every point of the island can be reached by bus or cab, making the transportation system very convenient for everyone.

One other popular way of getting around is by bike, or even donkey. You’d be surprised at how many people want to ride the donkeys across the island. It may be slow but they get the chance to experience the beauty of the island in a different way. Same goes for the cyclists, plus the chance to enjoy the elegance of the island without having to follow a set route. So in the end you get to avoid set bus schedules, thus a more free transportation experience. Let alone, saving on a lot of money you would have otherwise used on transportation.

CC by yovanoff

Activities and experiences

As soon as you get off the plane, you need to catch a quick breath to prepare for what’s to come. Exploring the island to its entirety is probably impossible, but it’s also very hard to select only a few main attractions and leave out so many more. Amoudi Bay is one of the most popular of attractions among tourists. The view from this beautiful bay is spectacular, and seeing the stunning sunsets will most likely leave you awestruck.Nothing comes even close in comparison to Amoudi Bay as far as lifetime experiences go and rarely does anyone leave disappointed.

A tip from us would be to bring water and anythings else you may need with you. There are wandering merchants that will sell you just about anything, but they ask for more than what they sell is worth, in turn taking advantage of tourists and their cluelessness. Besides that, fish fresh from the sea cooked by the best of chefs in splendid restaurants next to the bay is just a bonus that generally costs less than it would if bought from a seaside restaurant.

As far as travel art and culture goes, the 11th century’s BC Dorian Community ancient ruins remain in the Ancient Thira for all history fans. This magnificent spot really puts you in deep thought about how people led their lives during those days. It takes you back in time and allows your imagination to run free. Bringing a camera along is a must. It’s allowed plus then you won’t have to spend money on having photos of you taken by random people or traveling photographers.

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Santorini – CC by Shelby PDX

Accommodation and food

The island offers just as many options for accommodation, shopping and dining to tourists. There’s a million ways to spend the money you saved through the deals for the trip, because in this city, shopping takes a whole different meaning. It’s no longer just spending money but also an activity that everyone partakes in and is never left fruitless. One of the more popular shops is Naki which is known for its charming specifically amber jewelry. Just remember not to shop from places that don’t have prices posted as you may end up getting a bad bargain.

After a day’s worth of adventure and fun, a fitting dinner must be in line to fulfill the day even more. Lucky’s Souvlaki is one of the better known restaurants in the city, which provides with a great variety of choices for a traditional dinner and some of the best gyros in Greece. In addition, it’s cheaper than most of the restaurants that are near overtly commercial areas. In fact you can get dinner at an even lower price if you head for one of the family run fish taverns at the smaller communities.

After regaining your strength, head out into the night for the the local nightclub such as the Brothers Bar, or Tropical Bar. If you decide to stay on the western side which is the more densely populated zone, most of the hotels are built on the caldera, offering a magnificent view of the sunset and the volcano. Most of them are cheap if you book early, but tend to get very expensive during the summer. Differences in the prices among hotels and hostels are very mild and mostly unnoticeable. However there can sometimes be a huge difference depending on the view you get from your room. If your budget is hurting you might want to sacrifice the majestic sunsets for something more humble.

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Have you visited Santorini? Do you have any budget tips to share?

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23 thoughts on “Budget Travel to Santorini – Is Santorini Expensive?

  1. I know this is shameful to admit but after seeing the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants I put Santorini on my travel wish list. Good to know it doesn’t need to cost a fortune.


  2. It’s been about five years since I’ve been, but I found it quite affordable after the ferry to the island. One thing I remember is bringing plastic bottles to a local shop and them filling it up with wine for 1 euro!! That’s the best tip I have to offer!!


  3. To Travel sometines in popular Greek islands Like Santorini doesnt mean you have to spent a fortune , just be smart as ourOyster says . Book early low cost earline use only localy the bublic trasport as now in Greece are very cheap and explore the most picturable island of the mediteranean . Also you can find some very cheap accommodation you dont have to spent 300 euros per night you can find in the back – narrow streets of Santorini room with just 30 euros .


  4. Great post! I’m currently chilling by the beach in Santorini. I’ve found renting a quad is a great way to explore. €30 for 3 full days plus petrol for 1 or 2 people. I’m paying less than €9 a night for a hostel bunk right on the beach in Perissa and I also decided to visit because of SotTP (: It absolutely has lived up to my expectations!


  5. I am traveling there in August, and I am extremely excited about it. Thanks for sharing your tips! 😀


  6. Wooh! I’m so glad I found your blog! I appreciate all these amazing tips can’t wait to visit Santorini in July yay!!!. If you have anymore pointers please let me know…:)


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