5 Things To Do In Edinburgh

5 Things To Do In Edinburgh Scotland

Of all the cities I have lived in, and in all the countries I have lived in, I have never felt more at home than I did in Edinburgh. I love this city for so many reasons. The friendly people, with their incomprehensible accents. The rugged landscape, the rich culture. The surprises hidden around each and every corner, even on the streets you walk every day. The food, the fashion, the nightlife. Edinburgh is a small city with so much to offer. Known for the iconic castle which sits in the middle of the city, high up on a hill – but there is way more to Edinburgh than that. Next time you are in town, make sure you check out these five things…. pool table is also the best game for fun. A no money upfront profit sharing service! The latest competition tables from the Winner and Prince range, available customized to your specification. You can visit this page for the best pool table hire.

1) Climb Arthur’s seat

After a long night out, and the inevitable deep fried mars bar or greasy fish and chips which follows, one MUST climb Arthurs seat. Rain or shine, winter or summer, its the best cure for a hangover. Arthur’s seat is a large hill in Hollyrood park, just outside the parliament buildings. You can climb it from several directions, and on a sunny day you can almost see to Glasgow.

Snowy Arthurs Seat

2) Historical or Ghost city tours

Edinburgh is a city with a long and eventful history. And with history, you also get ghosts! Edinburgh is famous for its “haunted” ghost tours. Even though I usually hate guided tours, I did talk myself into getting signed up for a ghost tour. I have never been so terrified in my life. But then again I am easy to scare.

If ghosts and things that go bump in the night have you checking under your hotels bed at night, then fear not! Edinburgh also has a wide variety of regular history tours as well.

3) Free museums and art galleries

One thing I love about Edinburgh, and which is actually true about all of the UK, is the free admission to public museums and galleries. For a country with such a rich cultural history, it is a great treat for tourists and locals alike to be able to explore the public museums and galleries for free on whatever day you please! If you are like me, then you can probably only spend two hours at most in a museum before suffering culture exhaustion and needing ample coffee and naps afterwards. The best thing about this is that I can leave the museum when I get tired without feeling like a bad budget traveller for not seeing every nook and cranny. With this sort of system, I can rest up, and come back on another day when my brain is prepared to take on more information.

How many sharp objects can YOU juggle? Edinburgh Festival

4) Edinburgh festival

Do you like theatre? How about music? What about classical music? How about dance? Opera? UUmmmmm…. Comedy? If you answered yes to any of those questions, well then do I have the month for you! Come to Edinburgh in August to have your socks knocked off by one of the world’s biggest festivals. Ok… so it’s actually several festivals all rolled up into one, but no one’s complaining.

Top tip – Book your hotel early! Because LOTS of other people have the same idea as you, and will also be coming to Edi, which make Edinburgh hotels a hot commodity!

5) Craigmillar castle

Craigmillar castle is the little brother, living in the shadow of the more popular and outgoing Edinburgh castle. But in all honesty, Craigmillar will probably live up to your stereotype of a Scottish castle much better than Edinburgh castle. Not only that, but there will be WAY less people there. There might not be any other people there at all – like both times I was there before. And just in case you need another reason to visit Craigmiller… well…it’s cheaper as well.

Craigmillar Castle – CC by keepwaddling1

Have you been to Edinburgh? Did you visit during the Edinburgh festival? Let me know!


24 thoughts on “5 Things To Do In Edinburgh

  1. Great post Jade. Exactly the tips I’m looking for before heading to Edinburgh. Think I will be consulting your blog a lot in the coming months. Cheers.


  2. I have been to Edinburgh many times, it’s a wonderful city 🙂 One of my favourite things is climbing up Arthurs Seat and taking in the view of the city, so pleased that made it in to your list 😀


  3. I’ve never been, but hearing and reading more about it everyday gets me motivated. I do have an aunt and cousin that lives there and I haven’t seen them in years – a great excuse to visit. The castles and landscapes alone seems to be enough to draw anyone here.


    1. Thanks Lori! It is a great city – try to either visit during New Years for hogmanay, or during the Edinburgh festival. Those are the two most exciting times to be there – but then again, I think it’s exciting to be there all the time. I just love that city!


  4. Ahhhggg!! I wish I had read this eight months ago!!! 😦 I was there in August, a week after I finished my work as a Games Maker in the Olympic Games in London, but I didn’t really have time for much, just jumped on the hop-on, hop-off bus…then the following day went straight to Fort William to catch The Jacobite. I don’t regret that, at all, just wish I had had more (much more) time to travel around the UK. Will do all these things when I go back! 🙂

    Good luck! 🙂


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